DTEK has filed a lawsuit against the Cabinet for emergency measures in the energy sector

ДТЭК подала в суд на Кабмин из-за чрезвычайных мер в энергетике

The company believes that were admitted tariff discrimination operating power plants.

Power generating company DTEK Zakhidenergo filed a lawsuit in the District administrative court of Kiev about cancellation of decrees of the Cabinet of Ministers on the extension of emergency measures on the electricity market. The lawsuit was filed July 10, reported the press service of the DTEK Energy to Ukrainian news.

According to the company, under the pretext of emergency measures was admitted tariff discrimination operating power plants.

“The mechanism of its implementation was to manually redirect 30% of all funds that were supposed to all thermal power plants of Ukraine, subsidies exclusively of a number of thermal power plants stopped because of the shortage of anthracite,” – said in the message.

So, the rate of the energy generating company Donbasenergo in June amounted to 359 UAH/kWh and the tariff DTEK Zakhidenergo – 1,24 UAH/kWh.

As a result, according to DTEK, the rate of thermal power plants of DTEK Zakhidenergo in April-June was at levels not covering costs of production of electricity. DTEK believes that the continuation of such practices of the Cabinet leads to failure of preparations for heating season 2017/2018.

“In addition, the latest order of the Cabinet of Ministers on the introduction of emergency measures of June 14, contrary to the current law on electricity market dated 13 April, which entered into force on 11 June and generally does not provide a right of Cabinet to introduce emergency measures in the energy sector of Ukraine”, – added the company.

We will remind, state of emergency on the electricity market of Ukraine since 17 February, and was extended four times separate Executive orders. Corresponding to the last decree of the Cabinet of Ministers was adopted on 14 June.