Duda has declared its readiness to mediate in resolving the conflict in the Polish Parliament

Дуда заявил о готовности стать посредником в решении конфликта в польском парламенте

The President of Poland Andrzej Duda said that he is ready to mediate in resolving the conflict in the diet, according to Onet.pl.

He stressed that counting on the goodwill, common sense and Pro-state attitude, both from the opposition parties and the parliamentary majority.

“With concern and alarm that I watched yesterday’s events in Parliament. I would like to appeal to all sides to calm down, so that the work of the Saeima took place smoothly, in a civilized manner and with due seriousness, in accordance with the principles of parliamentary democracy”, – reads the statement of the head of state.

“I am very well, how important is public access to information about the work of collective bodies, particularly the Parliament and Senate that implement the legislature,” said Andrzej Duda.

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The Polish President added that he understands the efforts of the Marshal Kurzemskogo regarding the fact that MPs and journalists should be provided with comfortable working conditions. “But I also understand the criticism from the media, concern about the proposals for restrictions,” – said the President, adding that any changes can only be introduced after consultations with representatives of interested editors.

As reported, the opposition in protest against the restrictions on journalists in the diet blocked the parliamentary rostrum.

Under the new rules, from next year, the record at the meeting will be able to conduct only five Polish broadcasters. The initiators of these restrictions stated that journalists distract the deputies, asking unnecessary questions.

Deputies of opposition parties called the innovation of restriction of freedom of speech and stood for a few hours near the rostrum of the speaker of the Seimas, having broken, thus, a vote for the budget in 2017 at the decision of deputies of the ruling party’s vote was moved to another room.

Now the opposition accuses the MPs from the ruling party “Law and justice” in the fact that they adopted a budget for next year with violations of the law.

So, in the night of Saturday, under the diet building has gathered more than 2 thousand protesters who blocked the exits from Parliament. However, the police pushed them, and the deputies of the ruling party were able to leave the diet.

The head of the Ministry of internal Affairs (MIA) of Poland Mariusz Blashak considers the actions of the opposition in the Polish Sejm as an attempt of seizure of power.

The Polish opposition appealed to the Prosecutor about the legality of voting for the budget in the Seimas