Due to illegal tapping into the product pipeline into the river in the Lviv region. leaked diesel fuel

Из-за незаконной врезки в продуктопровод в речку во Львовской обл. вытекло дизтопливо

In the Lviv region on the surface of the Struga river near the village of Buchaly found the oil stain rainbow color. About it reports a press-service of the Department of civil protection of Lviv regional state administration.

As it turned out, pollution of the reservoir has occurred due to unauthorized tapping by unknown in the pipe trunk pipeline of the SE “Prikarpatzapadtrans”.

“As a result of malicious damage spilled diesel fuel over the border buffer zone and a minor amount of through groundwater, into the river Struga. Visual inspection of the river found spots of rainbow color with a diameter from 5 to 20 cm at a distance from each other 10-20 meters”, – stated in the message.

Now the accident is eliminated, the pipeline is working normally. Environmental pollution no.

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Circumstances of incident are investigated by the responsible authorities.