Due to snowfall in Kiev will restrict entry of large vehicles

Из-за снегопада в Киев ограничат въезд крупногабаритного транспорта

All trucks

In connection with the projected deterioration of the weather conditions on Friday, December 2, will be limited to the entry of large vehicles in the capital. This reports the press service of Kyiv city state administration (KCSA)

According to the report, the onset of action limits is scheduled for 06:00 in the morning.

“Representatives of the office of the patrol police in Kyiv will regulate the entrance to the city trucks, so they do not create interference with the work of snow-removing equipment”, – stated in the message.

It is noted that in case of changing weather conditions, hourly mode of entry of trucks in the city will be adjusted.

As reported, according to the forecast of the Ukrainian hydrometeorological center, from 2 December in Kiev is expected complication weather conditions. Forecasters predict a strong sleet, sleet sticking, ice, blizzards, on roads places ice.