Due to the filming of “Star wars” in Ireland banned the flying of drones

Из-за съемок "Звездных войн" в Ирландии запретили полеты беспилотников

Due to the filming of “Star wars” in four areas of Ireland banned the flying of drones. On the limitation of flights was reported by the Irish aviation Agency.

Irish Eximer reports that this decision is connected with filming of the eighth episode of “Star wars”. In several parts of Ireland were built scenery for filming. Prohibition of flights is also due to not only security, but also the fact that the details of the shooting should be kept secret.

Recall, the world’s fees the movie “Star wars: the force awakens”, released last year, exceeded $ 2 billion. In April, we published the first movie trailer of the prequel “Star wars: Outcast”, which is expected to premiere in December 2016.