During the Christmas holidays provocations not expected, but security measures will increase.

Во время новогодних праздников провокаций не ожидают, но меры безопасности усилят, - Аваков

Arsen Avakov. Archival photo.

During the upcoming Christmas and new year holidays provocations are not expected, however, security measures will be strengthened. This was stated by the Minister of internal Affairs Arsen Avakov in the exclusive comment to the reporter “112 Ukraine”.

In response to the question of whether there is information about possible provocations and terrorist attacks for the holidays, he said, “No, this is information we have. We have created a special headquarters, the response system shifts across the country. We expect some point where we will have festivities, the concentration of people – will be there to take security measures”.

According to the Minister, the police sometimes will ask citizens to pass through the frame to ensure safety.

“I think we all understand,” – said the Minister.

He also expressed hope for “good holidays”.

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As previously reported, in Kiev from-for the beginning of Christmas activities today are adding extra security in the city centre.