DW: Ukrainian officials threatened a large-scale reduction

DW: Украинским чиновникам грозит масштабное сокращение

Several thousand officials under the new law from may 1, will lose the status of a civil servant.

Since may 1, in Ukraine comes into effect the law “On civil service”, at the end of last year, adopted by the Verkhovna Rada.

In accordance with the law 260-strong army of the Ukrainian civil servants will gradually be reduced. It want to reduce to 150 thousand people who will be engaged in the development and by public policies in exchange for a decent salary.

“We have a lot of people who should not be civil servants, librarians, drivers, assistants, advisers. These services, which need to outsource. Because these people are not doing anything particularly important for the state, just get some benefits, barely muster through the working day and hurry home. We are a poor country and cannot afford the staff the status of civil servants,” said DW’s head of the Subcommittee on civil service, state construction, regional policy and local self-government, the MP from the faction “Batkivshchyna” Olena Shkrum.

Together with other colleagues they succeeded in securing the law, according to which for obtaining the status of a state official is necessary to pass serious selection.

Who and what loses?

Under the new law the status of a civil servant from 1 may lose those individuals who are not civil service by competition, and political quotas. It’s the Deputy Ministers, head and members of the audit chamber and Central election Commission, Chairman of the national security Council.

In addition, civil servants will cease to be assistant deputies, judges, employees of the national Bank, representatives of the support service, advisers, press secretaries and employees performing service functions of government agencies, in particular the librarians, IT specialists, accountants.

“I’m desperate. I work for such miserable money, and still leave us without hope for the future is to receive a normal pension of a public servant, and without all the social bonuses for which I came here seven years ago,” complains 48-year-old Tamara, Secretary, Vice-Chairman of the district state administration one of the districts of Kiev. Such as it is in Ukraine several thousand, and they all held onto his job only because of the privileges that were given the status of a state official.

“People are motivated to work in the civil service, higher pension. Having experience of 10 or 20 years, they received a pension in the amount of 80-90% of salary on last place of work. Or it is was a pension equal to the salary of the working civil servants. And had beneficial medical care and rest in departmental sanatoria. We need to get rid of this Soviet heritage”, – said Deputy Chairman of the Board of the Centre for political and legal reforms Victor Tymoshchuk.

Now with the loss of the status of government official and lost all these privileges. May 1, leaders should communicate to their subordinates affected by the new law, about changing working conditions. And those have sixty days to decide what to do next – or stay and work on the new conditions or resign. In the final provisions of the law is the norm that the wages of those who want to stay can not be less than before.

The same person who on may 1, 2016 already has the required pensionable service, may retire with a pension calculated under the old rules.

New opportunities

Experts believe that the loss of the status of the civil servant opens additional prospects for people who will work in government. “First, those who agree to continue to work for the state without status of a civil servant will not be required to submit a mandatory Declaration of their income and family income. They also get the opportunity to earn some money in other places to do business, that prohibited civil servants”, – explains the expert group on public administration reform Reanimation package of reforms Mykola Vyhovsky.

Analysts point to the fact that the deprivation of the status of a civil servant several thousand officials allows focusing reform solely on the people who are willing to engage in professional work in the state apparatus.

“It gives the opportunity to defend against dismissal, to teach, to improve the skills of officials who will be selected by competition to the civil service. In the event of a reorganization, political crises, the state did not lose this human capital and the state apparatus consistently and professionally carried out their work,” says Victor Tymoshchuk .


However, the law does not provide for the creation of a system that help adaptation of those who will lose the status of a civil servant and will be forced to resign. They will have to join the ranks of the unemployed. It is recognized by those who lobbied for the adoption of the new law. “We have no money, special programs and opportunities to retrain these people. But we have to undertake this painful reform and to leave the civil service with only the best,” insists Alena Shkrum.

However, not everyone likes coming into force of innovation. The Verkhovna Rada has registered two draft laws on making amendments in the new law. In one is invited to return the status of the civil servant assistant judges, in other – the assistant deputies.

“This is primarily due to the fact that among the assistants-consultants of people’s deputies of Ukraine a lot of highly qualified people that a large part of his life gave the civil service. It is therefore necessary very carefully to relate to their deprivation of this status”, – stated in the explanatory note to the bill introduced by a group of deputies from the faction “Block of Petro Poroshenko” and “popular front”.

Source: Russian service of DW

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