Dynamo – Astana 2:2. Online Europa League match

Динамо - Астана 2:2. Онлайн матча Лиги Европы

Online stream of Dynamo – Astana

Dynamo takes Astana in the framework of the 1st round of the group stage of the Europa League, the match will be held in Kiev at the Olympic NSC. The match will take place on 20 September at 19:55.

Today Dynamo Kiev will look to end their run of five games without a win in the home match of the Europa League with Astana.

Korrespondent.net will lead the text online broadcast of the match Dynamo – Astana. A match between two teams will start at 19:55.

Team Khatskevich is seriously preparing for the fight and intends to win, but also guests from Kazakhstan not just going to leave the room and declare their desire to score points in Kiev.

Astana – one of the dark horses of the group K. On the class and budget, it is significantly inferior and of Dynamo and Bordeaux, but her team has an impressive European experience four seasons in a row, Astana stands out in the group stage of LE and even the Champions League, and last season they reached the playoffs and fought with sporting, the match ended draw.

Where and when to watch the match Dynamo – Astana

Live broadcast of the match will show TV channel Football 1. Dynamo (Ukraine) – Astana (Kazakhstan) will start today, September 20, at 19.55 on the Kiev time in Kiev at the NSC Olympic stadium. Watch online football Dynamo-Astana on the website Korrespondent.net

According to bookmakers, the advantage in this confrontation on the side of Kyiv team.

Dynamo-Astana: the online broadcast of the match Корреспондент.net.


Winning the game gave the Dynamo. Not to the strongest contender. Khatskevich, goodbye?


90+4 GOAL! It’s a shame! Propuskat Dynamo at the last minute. A simple pass to the centre of the penalty area and goal! As in the first half, 2:2!

90+2 took the ball, the Dynamo at the last minute.

90. Morozyuk out at the last minute instead of Tsygankov. Instead Buyalsky – Shepelev.

87. Sydorchuk could close the ball. Rusin and Duelund opened a corridor for the passage of the captain and he punched without interference – the Keeper of Astana on the spot.

84. Astana throws all the forces iteral hoping to recoup.

81. Rusin received a yellow card for a foul in midfield.

79. Beginner Duelund came from the Dynamo instead of Garmash. Finally.

78. MOMENT Dynamo! Buyalsky should have scored, but missed in the corner from a very advantageous position.

77. Continues to pull Khatskevich, substitutions, and Garmash plays with cotton on the lip and hits hard target.

76. Tsygankov struck after a free kick, the Keeper of Astana again almost brought.

74. Rusin ruined a potentially goal attack, was just rolling the ball past the defender on Tsygankova, but the striker didn’t get it.

72. While Garmash assisted Adana pressed Kiev. Guests have advantage now.

70. Garmash broke the lip and Khatskevich in no hurry to replace.

66. Great corner turned Tsygankova, but Garmash has punched unsuccessfully.

61. PENALTY??? No, although the ball hit the hand of the player of Astana in the penalty area and the referee saw it.

59. MOMENT Dynamo! Tsygankov has out of the box, Erice drags!

46. 21783 fans today at Olympic. Not bad for a game with Astana.


Bad game Dynamo, but as long as the opponent himself making gifts to Kiev.


45+2 GOOOOOOOOOOOAL!!!! LUCKY DYNAMO! OH, HOW FORTUNATE! Erich dropped the ball after a harmless submission Verbicha, and Garmash was here. One hundred percent supply! 2:1!

45 +1 On the face of the Khatskevich confusion. Well, not to beat Astana, it’s a shame.

45. Pivaric earned a dangerous free kick at the end of the first half.

42. Again bleed from Kiev and Burda forced to foul on a yellow card. Enrique got.

41. Kadar chic tackle zacherley breakthrough threat of Tomas. The cost of the injury?

36. Sydorchuk well he gave the penalty on Verbicha, but the ball landed in the hands Erica.

33. With the attacks at the owners until everything is bad. Just rolling the ball.

30. Astana even started to possess the ball. Sadness.

27. Finally the moment Dynamo! Verbic filed in the penalty area Tsygankov, Victor sweep Rusina, but the defenders knocked the ball.

24. Leinheiser a great shot on goal. Boyko helps. What about Dynamo? Scared Astana?

23. Again tomasov on the shock position. To play defense?

22. So all the benefit of residents and evaporated.

21. GOAL! Compares Anicich Dynamo scored after the filing Babanango! 1:1!

20. What tourit Garmash! Just one on one just brought the player of Astana with Boyko. Lucky that the defender was backed up.

16. Boyko comes into play. Tomasov was aiming at the near corner, but the goalkeeper Dynamo in place.

13. Everything is under the control of Dynamo. A confident start of the match from Kiev.

11. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!! TSYGANKOV!!! 1:0! Easily exchanged passes with Victor Buyalsky and just put the ball in the corner with his left foot! Good start!

9. The Answer Of Astana. Kabananga took the ball from the Dynamo penalty area, turned and shot just wide of the post. It was dangerous.

6. A powerful start from the Dynamo. Kengera dangerous the ball in from a corner. Erice with a blow of the pole handle.

5. Enrique went dangerous leg against Boyko.

3. A breakthrough on the flank from Tsygankov after reset Rusina. Directly into the hands of goalkeeper of Astana broke through the midfield Dynamo.

2. The ball from Dinamo from the first minute, fans can hear you on Olympic.

1. Astana previously coached Ukrainian Roman Grigorchuk, but he’s already been fired.


Teams out on the field Olympic. Today’s weather in Kiev, perfect for football.

By the way, Dinamo has not won five games in a row. Today’s failure may become fatal for the coach of Kiev of Alexander Khatskevich.

Dynamo in the last weeks miserable. Flew out of the Champions League, losing points in the championship. Europa League and not the strongest apenic from Kazakhstan is a great opportunity to regain the confidence in their own abilities.


Dynamo – Boyko, Kadar, Pivaric, KENDZERA, Burda, Sidorchuk, Buialskyi, Garmash, Tsygankov, Verbic, Rusin.

Astana – Erich, Postnikov, Shomko, Rukavina, Anicich, Leinheiser, Majewski, Ryszard, Thomas, Pedro Enrique, Kabananga.