Dynamo in extra time got the place in the 1/4 finals of the Cup of Ukraine

Динамо в дополнительное время добыло путевку в 1/4 финала Кубка Украины

The scorer Artem Kravets

Dynamo beat Alexandria in the match of 1/8 final of the Ukrainian Cup.

Dinamo got a ticket to the quarterfinals of the Ukrainian Cup, beating Alexandria at the stage of 1/8 finals.

The main time of the match ended with the score 1:1. Dynamo have scored Artem Kravets. For Alexandria scored Sergey Starenky.

The outcome of the match was decided in extra-time, when the team of Aleksandr Khatskevich went forward through the ball to Artem Besedin and two of Artem Kravets. Consolation goal the home side brought Vasiliy Gritsuk, converting a penalty kick in the style of Antonin Panenka.

Alexandria – Dinamo 2:3
: Old, 77, Gritsuk, 120+5 (penalty) – Kravets, 36, 116, Besedin, 107.

Alexandria: Pankiv, Chebotaev, Bass, Gitchenko, Tsurikov (Bacula, 59), Zaporozhan, BANADA (Sexton, 73), Old, Kalenchuk (Gritsuk, 46), Polyarus, Sitalo.

Dynamo: Bowen, Mikolenko (Lednev, 118), Khacheridi, Pantic, KENDZERA, Gonzalez, Shepelev (Alibekov, 112), Garmash, Docile (Pivaric, 72), Besedin, Kravets.

Warning: Bass, Polyarus – Kravets, Garmash, Khacheridi.

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