Dynamo – Jablonec 0:1. Online Europa League match

Динамо - Яблонец 0:1. Онлайн матча Лиги Европы

Dynamo – Jablonec watch online match of 13 December

Dynamo Kyiv will play the second match of the group stage of the Europa League, which will be taken at the home stadium of the Czech club Jablonec. The match will start on 13 December at 19:55.

At the Olympic stadium on Thursday, December 13, will host the match between Dynamo Kiev and Czech club Jablonec. The team of Alexander Khatskevich will play the second leg.

The first match between teams ended with the score 2-2.

Korrespondent.net will lead the text online broadcast of the match Dinamo – FK Jablonec. A match between two teams will start at 19:55.


70. The Czechs all the forces playing for time. Already.

66. Well really. Duelund released instead Besedina.

64. Shepelev a strike from outside the penalty area, but the centre of the goal. Stepping up pressure Dynamo.

63. Hubschman fired goalwards following a cross from a free kick, but concluded that this is already being offside.

61. ROD! Tsitaishvili immediately the moment created! Beat, shot, and Besedin with meters hit the post.

60. Tsitaishvili instead went Shaparenko, this is the debut for the leader of the Dynamo youth team in the Europa League.

58. KENDZERA filed, and left kick, but the Keeper saved the Czechs.

55. Fans actively support Dynamo. At least for them, the people of Kiev must score.

52. Now that’s something similar to attack. Shaparenko beat – right in the hands of the Keeper.

50. KENDZERA won the air after a corner, but the Czechs cleared the ball upfield.

47. We need to win Dynamo, and had a chance to score again Jablonec. CHRAMOSTA one in the centre of the box, but broke above the gate.


Very poorly played match.


45+1 And why? Because in the middle of the field there is no one to develop the attack to push the ball. Buyalsky not, and sydorchuk constantly pushes the ball Burda or Kadar.

45. A TERRIBLE MISTAKE BURDA! In the end, Jovovich is eager for a shot gives to Doležal, but Bowen save!

44. Besedin requested penalty, was not questioned.

41. Jablonec already in a hurry, Dinamo are not in a hurry since the start of the match.

37. Horse-fight in the penalty area Dynamo constantly losing, once it has already led to a goal.

35. BOWEN drags after the shot of Milla Jovovich. How easy to give to attack the Czechs in Kiev.

34. Finally, the time at Dynamo. After a corner was cut from Kadar and KENDZERA at the far post was able to make a ball in gate, but has punched above.

29. Besedin in the Dynamo attack looks like a foreign body. Although, the attack Dinamo today is a relative concept.

28. Verbic fell in the penalty area – the referee fouls not seen.

27. Kadar yellow was discharged.

26. Dolezal ran into the offside of the minimum could be dangerous.

22. Jablonec looks interesting, Dinamo is not in a hurry to please the fans.

21. Chramosta hit Bowen parried, but the referee fixed offside player of Jablonec, which was ready to put the ball into the goal.

19. Kratochvíl has in hand Busano.

18. The Dynamo fans are reminded of his dissatisfaction with the game miner on Olympic.

Banner ultras @DynamoKyiv before the match with Jablonec🔥
To whom poslana fantv✍ pic.twitter.com/8p6w4bKWEN

— FootballHub (@FootballHub_Ua) 13 December 2018.

16. From the left flank and a dangerous cross in the penalty area did Mikolenko, but Cahit knocked the ball.

12. What the hell is Dynamo? Kengera brought a player one-on-one with Busana. Dolezal fell, but contact with the Keeper was not. Yellow for simulation. Although the replay shows that the blow was. Forgive the referee.

10. GOAL! SCORED JABLONEC. Doležal following a corner! 0:1! Dynamo starts hesitantly.

Gooool!!! V 10. minutě otevřel skóre Martin Doležal po rohovém kopu! 💪⚽💚 #vprvnilinii #UEL pic.twitter.com/w2F9uUvtTc

— FK Jablonec (@FKJablonec) 13 December 2018.

8. Chramosta beat meters 16, but his attempt was blocked by Burda.

7. Verbic easily beat the opponent and deduced Besedina one-on-one, the striker ran.

5. KENDZERA saw that Rough far out of the goal but sent the ball above.

3. First corner, the people of Kiev sent to the hands of the Keeper of the Czechs.

2. Tsygankov broke through the gate, but of patter to insure their partners.

1. Visually the lawn of the Olympic looks fine, despite yesterday’s game the miner.


At the start of the Dynamo got a spare goalkeeper Busan, replacing a young Tsitaishvili and Alibekov.

In Kiev cool and just over the snow, Dinamo had already secured the first place in the group stage of Europa League. Such peredatemsa football, has today poluchilsya.


Dynamo: Bowen, Mikolenko, Kadar, Burda, KENDZERA, Sidorchuk, Shepelev, Verbic, Tsygankov, Shaparenko, Besedin.

Jablonec: Rough, Hovorka, Holes, Too, Hanousek, Jovovich, Hubshman, Kratochvíl, Herbalist, Dolezal, Chramosta.

As you know, the team of Aleksandr Khatskevich after the victory in Astana ahead of schedule guaranteed to itself the first place in the Quartet, and the Czechs lost all chances to qualify from the group.

However, the team will lead the struggle not only for the prestige of the club, but also for prize money from UEFA 570 thousand Euro for a victory, 190 thousand for a draw.

The last game of teams in the Championships

In the last match of the championship of Ukraine Dynamo Kiev away confidently defeated the team of Karpaty with a score of 0-4. In the championship of Ukraine Dynamo took 2nd place in the standings.

Czech Jablonec in the local League played with a team of carwin, the match ended in defeat 2-1. In the local League Jablonec ranks 3rd.

Standings of the Europa League

Динамо - Яблонец 0:1. Онлайн матча Лиги Европы

League table Europa League / photo: google.com

Now in the standings of the Europa League team of Alexander Khatskevich takes 1st place with 11 points, second place is Astana.

The team of Jablonec is in last place in the standings with 2 points.

The weather on the day of the match

At the beginning of the meeting in Kiev, weather forecasters promise that the thermometer will show a temperature of 0/-1 degrees Celsius. Cloudy weather will stay in Kiev until the evening. The whole day will be snowing in the evening should weaken.

Forecast for the match

Динамо - Яблонец 0:1. Онлайн матча Лиги Европы

Dynamo Jablonec forecast for the Europa League match / photo: iSport.ua

Bookmakers give preference to the Ukrainian team. For example, William Hill’s betting on the victory of the home team factor of 1.60, and Jablonec nad 5,50. A draw in the match is estimated with a probability of 3.90.

Bookmakers of Favorite sports put on the victory of the white-blue of 1.56, Jablonec at 6.00. A draw in the match is estimated with a probability of 4.05.

Experts PariMatch victory of Alexander Khatskevich has estimated 1.63 guests of 5.40. That the match ends in a draw – here take bets on 3,90.

See the text online broadcast of the match Dinamo – Jablonec