E-declaring we are now creating a large database for the future, – Hire

Э-декларированием мы сейчас создаем большую базу данных на будущее, - Найем

The electronic register of declarations of public officials is a big database that you may need in the future is applicable against any civil servant. This broadcast “112 Ukraine” said MP Mustafa Nayem.

He believes that for all the shortcomings of the system, its launch is a positive step.

“From the point of view of accountability to citizens, I believe that these excesses are now normal. Let them go, no one resists. I assume that someone deliberately made mistakes in declarations, indicating a lot of something small, something not pointed out. The change of authorities, law enforcement bodies change, everything changes – and the Declaration will remain. This means that we are now creating a large database on all government officials against whom it can be applied,” – said the MP.

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Nye also believes that the officials themselves will actively “bickering” – to declare on each other to law enforcement.

“NABOO, NAPC will be able to fix the property that the official has not specified. In addition, a DBR, which in the case of violations can bring criminal charges. We finally did the civil service not only a privilege but also a challenge. I am sure that sooner or later they will start eating each other,” says Nye.

We will remind, tonight NACP reported a DDoS attack on their network hardware.

Filing to end on 30 October.