E-return is not filed three deputies

E-декларации не подали три депутата

In NACP said, who have not submitted the Declaration

Declaration filed by Maria Matios, Alexander Onishchenko and Sergey Klyuev.

Three deputies have not filed annual returns for 2015, and nine were filed late, wrote the Deputy Chairman of national Agency concerning prevention of corruption Ruslan Radetsky in Facebook.

“In the Unified register of declarations of persons authorized to perform state functions or local government missing annual declarations for the year 2015 of the respective members: Mary V. Matios, Onyshchenko Oleksandr Romanovych, Klyuev Sergei Petrovich”, he said.

“MPs are not filing their annual returns for 2015: Shukhevych Yuriy-Bohdan R., Dubinin Alexander, Isaikin Konstantin Evgenyevich, Shkirya Igor, Kostanjevec Irina miroslavovna, Dmytrenko Oleg Nikolaevich, Hirschfeld Anatoly M., Suprunenko Alexander Boguslayev Vyacheslav Aleksandrovich”, – said Radetsky.

Earlier in NACP noted that the validation e-returns will begin with the late filing, and also showed the algorithm of verification of declarations.

Strange e-Declaration