Each Shchetinina: Even if suicide is confirmed, I lay the blame for his death on the Russian authorities

Друг Щетинина: Даже если версия самоубийства подтвердится, я возлагаю вину за его смерть на российские власти

Colleague and friend is found dead journalist Alexander Shchetinin, the muzhdabaev said that vozlagaet blame on the Russian authorities. He said this on air of TV channel “112 Ukraine”.

“Sorry. The last time we saw each other a few months ago, and it’s hard for me to judge it specifically, but I didn’t believe it. But even if confirmed the version of suicide, although it is necessary to check all versions, and murder – in the first place. Because he really was an unwanted person for the Russian authorities. But even if confirmed the version of suicide, I lay the blame for the death of Sasha, of course, on the Russian authorities”, – said Muzhdabaev.

He noted that it is difficult to believe that Shchetinin has committed suicide.

“I was very surprised. I never would have thought that Alexander Shchetinin can settle scores with life. At least in my view, about him, about his character, I do not allow. He’s always been so little philosophical person. Yes, sometimes he was nervous, but overall he was calm and such… I’m a little be associated even with the Buddhist, some in terms of balance,” said a colleague of the deceased.

According to Muzdybaev, Alexander Shchetinin has been living in Ukraine, and therefore is not quite correct to call it a Russian journalist. In Russia, the deceased no longer allowed, he also didn’t plan to go there.

The muzhdabaev noted that Shchetinina deprived of work at home.

“Directly or indirectly, to blame today’s Russia, because Sasha] fell victim to the madness which is happening now in the Russian Federation and we are all affected, and those people who were forced to leave Russia, of course, is affected even more,” – said Muzhdabaev.

He noted that during a conversation a few months ago Alexander Shchetinin on what did not complain.

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As reported, suicide and professional activity – basic version of the police on the death of the journalist Shchetinina.

We will remind, in the night from 27 to 28 August in the apartment on Konstantinovskaya str was found dead journalist Alexander Shchetinin. It found friends.

Open criminal proceedings under part 1 of article 115 (“Premeditated murder”) the criminal code of Ukraine with further legal qualification (“Suicide”).