Earthquake in Ecuador: the death toll has risen to 587 people

Землетрясение в Эквадоре: число погибших возросло до 587 человек

The death toll from the devastating earthquake in Ecuador increased to 587 people, more than 23.5 thousand people lost their roof over the head, informs “Interfax” with reference to the channel ABC.

“The government of Ecuador reported an increase in the number of deaths to 587 people, 155 missing, 23.5 thousand people lost their homes”, – stated in the message.

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According to the channel, the final number of deaths may exceed the number of victims of the earthquakes in Chile and Peru over the last decade.

Emergency services continue to sort blockages in the coastal towns most affected by the earthquake. “According to rescuers, during the week you can still find those who received non-serious injuries”, – underlined in the message.

As noted in the message, rescuers have found under a pile of debris “unusual living” white-brown duck, which has become a local celebrity in social networks. “There is a thirst for good news,” says the channel.

We will remind that on April 17, in Ecuador, an earthquake occurred with magnitude of 7.8. According to authorities, this is the strongest earthquake in the country since 1979