Easter basket-2016: What products are necessary and how much it will cost

Пасхальная корзина-2016: Какие продукты надо и сколько это будет стоить

The most important Christian holiday – Easter – this year Ukrainians celebrate the 1st of may. In the night from Saturday to Sunday in churches hold Easter service and after proceed to the consecration of Easter. In the Resurrection of Christ believers are on sanctification in the Church except for Easter and other dishes. Regarding the content of the Easter basket are constant disputes, and a set of products that the Ukrainians want to sanctify, in different regions differs greatly.

First in the basket put the Passover, which is baked on Maundy Thursday. Also on this day, begin to prepare Easter eggs and krashenok, which became a symbol of Easter.

Пасхальная корзина-2016: Какие продукты надо и сколько это будет стоить

The basket also put the cheese, butter, meats (usually sausage or ham), salt, horseradish. Also need to put an evergreen plant such as Myrtle or boxwood. The cart itself is decorated with embroidered towels and put a candle.

Over time the filling Easter baskets was transformed, first of all it concerns alcohol. Part of Ukrainians sanctify alcohol became a habit. The Church says that alcohol can not consecrate. The exception is the bottle of red wine in the basket. Believers also often fill the cart with additional products, such as apples, tomatoes, cucumbers. It is not necessary to put in the basket and a pudding to take with you to Church knife.

After the Easter basket is sanctified, the believers go home and for the holiday table drink its contents. It is also customary to exchange colored eggs with relatives and neighbours or to distribute to the needy.

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As for spending on the Easter basket, they this year have increased. According to the calculations of the National scientific center “Institute of agrarian economy”, with(the value of the basket, which includes Easter, meat products, cheese, eggs, butter, soft and hard cheeses, as well as additional products such as tomatoes, cucumbers, apples and red wine, in 2016 is estimated at 489 hryvnias. Without additional products the cost of the basket will be about 349 USD.

This year , the most expensive Easter basket will be in Kiev, and the cheapest – in the Ternopil region. Experts explain that it depends on price fluctuations for food products in the regions of Ukraine.

According to a scientific center in the basket will be the most expensive meat products: pork (0.5 kg) – 65 UAH from the calculation of 110-150 USD for 1 kg, and homemade sausage (0.5 kg) – USD 61 (105-140 UAH per 1 kg).

The cheapest will be eggs (10 pieces) – 13 USD (9,95-13,42 USD per dozen depending on the category) and horseradish – 7-15 USD (250 g).

Easter medium size is estimated at about 50 UAH from the calculation of 60-150 USD per 1 kg. of Store Easter will cost from 30 up to 150 USD depending on the weight of the cake home baking – about 50-60 USD.

This year in the basket increased the cost of dairy products – butter, soft and hard cheese (5-7 USD) and Pasca – 10 USD.

Residents of the capital will have to pay for a set of products for Easter baskets 527 USD. Also in the category “500+” hit Kherson and Ivano-Frankivsk region – UAH 505 and 511 USD respectively.

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Least of all for the Easter table you will have to pay the residents of Ternopil (438 UAH), Chernivtsi (450 USD) and Chernihiv (456 USD) regions.

Пасхальная корзина-2016: Какие продукты надо и сколько это будет стоить

*Data provided by the National scientific center “Institute of agrarian economy”

We will add that in 2015 the average cost of an Easter basket was 410 UAH.