Easter in 2019: training, tradition and the weekend

Пасха в 2019 году: подготовка, традиции и выходные

What day is Easter in 2019 in Ukraine

Easter is one of the main religious festivals in the world. In 2019, the Easter is celebrated on April 28. Along with Christmas, the majestic, long-awaited and joyful day of the year.

The resurrection of Christ is celebrated in every Ukrainian family. Deeply religious people look forward to that bright day, and for atheists, a holiday is the perfect occasion to relax with family and friends.

Korrespondent.net will tell all about Easter 2019, when Easter Sunday is celebrated by Catholics and there are different traditions of celebrating from the existing Orthodox. Traditionally Easter is given an extra day off, find out when and how many Ukrainians will rest on Easter day.

When celebrating Easter, 2019 in Ukraine: how to calculate date

Пасха в 2019 году: подготовка, традиции и выходные

Easter, 2019 in Ukraine / photo: ivona

Easter symbolizes the Resurrection of Jesus Christ after acceptance of martyrdom for the sins of the human race in the name of saving him from hell. Easter Sunday is preceded by a long preparatory period.

Many people know that Easter is a holiday challenge, but only few know how to determine the exact date of the celebration in a given year.

To determine the day of Easter will help the Alexandrian paschalia. Thus, the count of days is from the day of the vernal equinox, March 21. Easter falls on the first Sunday after the full moon.

If it comes earlier then Easter will be considered next Sunday. In 2019, the first full moon after the vernal equinox is 19 April and the first Sunday after it – just 28 APR 2019.

Preparing for Easter

Пасха в 2019 году: подготовка, традиции и выходные

How to prepare for the Passover 2019 / photo: altapress

One of the most important elements of preparation for Easter – lent with a duration of 7 weeks. Great post 2019 will begin on March 11 and will end on April 27.

In this period, adhere to strict fasting not only food, but also try to cleanse my soul with fasting spiritual.

The Easter period is closely related to other important religious holidays:

  • April 7 – the Annunciation;
  • the week before Easter, in 2019 is April 21 – the Entry into Jerusalem;
  • 40 day after Easter, in 2019 is June 6 – ascension of the Lord;
  • on the 50th day after Easter, in 2019 is June 16 – Trinity (Pentecost).

Traditions and customs at Easter

Пасха в 2019 году: подготовка, традиции и выходные

Traditions and rituals for Easter / photo: google.com

The week before Easter * April 22-27, is called Holy, and the days from Monday to Saturday, “passionate” or “great”. Last week – a period when Orthodox Christians remember the last days of Christ’s life on Earth, including the crucifixion, death and resurrection.

In the last week getting ready for the holiday very carefully, try to finish cleaning the house, bake Easter cakes and paint eggs. It is recommended daily worship and focus on spiritual reflection and prayers, not to commit evil deeds, to forgive offenders.

Passionate Monday. Day memories sold by his brothers into slavery to the Patriarch Joseph. The temples are chrism, namely cook a special aromatic oil five dozen ingredients. A similar product is prepared once a year for three days.

Holy Tuesday. It’s the last day, when Jesus preached in the temple of Jerusalem. To worship reading from four chapters of the gospel.

Holy Wednesday. On Wednesday, Christ was betrayed by Judas Iscariot for 30 pieces of silver. This is the last chance to confess before Easter.

Holy (pure) Thursday. The day of the last supper. During the evening worship in the temples read “the Twelve Gospels”, the people are holding lighted candles, which are not quenched on the way home. On Holy Thursday it is possible and even necessary to communion.

Traditionally, a Passionate home Thursday been cleared, and the women bake Easter cakes, paint eggs, pickles at holiday meals. It is possible to arrange a large Laundry.

Good Friday. A day of mourning, the crucifixion of Christ. In churches from the altar take out the shroud, before which the faithful bow. This image of Jesus, lying in a coffin.

Good Saturday. On this day remember the burial of Jesus Christ. The late evening light brought people to the temple cakes.

The night before Easter – special, it need to spend in prayer, asking forgiveness of sins and the purification of the soul. If in this period, you are not in Church, then at midnight it is necessary to light a candle that he had brought from the temple on palm Sunday.

After the consecration of Easter baskets need to come home and relax. The whole period until the ascension at the meeting did not say Hello, but christoudias words ”Christ is Risen!”, in response they say: “he is Risen Indeed!”.

It’s not right to visit at Easter, the place of burial. The souls of the deceased only on this day gather at the same table with God and call them from living relatives is not necessary. According to Church canons, it is necessary to remember the dead in Sunday, a week after Easter. In 2019 – may 5.

When celebrating the Catholic Easter 2019

Пасха в 2019 году: подготовка, традиции и выходные

When celebrating the Catholic Easter 2019 / photo: kp.ua

Usually Orthodox and Catholic Easter is celebrated on different days, rarely dates the same. This is because the chronology is conducted according to different calendars: Orthodox Christians according to the Julian calendar, Catholic – Gregorian. Catholic Easter will be celebrated on 2019 April 21.

The tradition of celebrating the Catholic and Orthodox Easter is virtually identical, except that the post is less strict. Some days of lent Catholics are permitted meat and dairy products.

The main symbol of Easter is the Easter Bunny that symbolizes the power of nature and prosperity. Housewives bake cakes and different sweets in the shape of a rabbit, and a large number of chocolate eggs.

Weekend is Easter 2019

Пасха в 2019 году: подготовка, традиции и выходные

Weekend is Easter 2019 / photo: UNIAN

Because Easter is always celebrated on the Sunday, the day off is transferred on Monday. Accordingly, in 2019 Ukrainians waiting for a three-day Easter weekend from 27 to 29 April.

This year the celebration of Easter is closely intertwined with May 1, labor Day. In order to create favorable conditions for the use of holidays and nonworking days, as well as rational use of working time, according to the decree of the Cabinet of Ministers, Ukraine will have 5 days off in a row from April 27 to may 1. At the same time April 30, postponed to Saturday, may 11.

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