EBRD: the Demand for hryvnia-denominated bonds was great

ЕБРР: Спрос на гривневые облигации был большой

The Bank plans to continue to issue bonds linked to the exchange rate of the hryvnia.

The European Bank for reconstruction and development is planning to continue issuing Eurobonds with reference to the hryvnia assets. According to the senior adviser of EBRD in Eastern Europe and the Caucasus, Anton Usov, the recent issue was a trial placement in order to check market demand.

“It was a synthetic accommodation in UAH, in fact – the swap is for a period of 1 year, which was listed on the London stock exchange. The accommodation was a trial, in order to understand how we can work with the hryvnia. Also this is part of our consolidated efforts to develop capital markets in Ukraine and lending in local currency,” – said Usov.

According to him, the EBRD will continue to pursue the deployment of such a tool.

“Such work is likely to continue because the demand was high. It is difficult to talk about the parameters and scope of further releases. In the early stages of the emission will be small. If demand is constant, then we can talk about some serious plans, as well as about how the money will be used”, – said the representative of the EBRD.

He stressed that while the Bank retains plans to issue hryvnia bonds.

“Our plan is definitely worth the placement of hryvnia bonds. As we said earlier, the issue volume in the first stage will be small and will have a target application. We are talking about the subsequent crediting of entities that have revenues in local currency. It is, as a rule, the average, small business and municipal companies,” – said Usov.

We will remind, on August 2 the Bank issued bonds for $ 10 million, payments on which are linked to the average weighted exchange rate of hryvnia on the interbank market.

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