Eclipse of the moon and opposition to Mars. Where and when

Затмение Луны и противостояние Марса. Где и когда

On 27 July, will happen a unique phenomenon – a lunar Eclipse will coincide with the great opposition of Mars. Both events will be held at one time and at one point in the sky.

The people of Ukraine on 27 July will see the Eclipse of the moon and opposition to Mars. These two astronomical phenomena are quite rare – a lunar Eclipse will be the longest since the beginning of the 21st century, and the great opposition of Mars occurs every 15-17 years.

Корреспондент.net tells the details about the upcoming rare astronomical phenomena.


Historical lunar Eclipse

When our planet is between the sun and the Moon lining up in a row, the Earth’s shadow falls on the satellite, that is called a lunar Eclipse.

At this point, the Moon takes on a rusty red color, so it is also called “bloody”.

This visual effect occurs when the sun’s rays are tangential to earth’s surface and dissipate into the Earth’s atmosphere, partially reaching the moon.

The earth’s atmosphere is most transparent to red-orange part of the spectrum of light, therefore, only reach the surface of Eclipse. Nitrogen it absorbs the white sunlight and scatters it in the blue spectrum. That is why the sky is blue and the Sun appears yellow.

The shade “blood moon” will depend on the degree of contamination of the atmosphere.

In Ukraine the phase of the total lunar Eclipse will occur on July 27, 23.21. Total lunar Eclipse July 27 – from the first to the last phase – will last three hours and 55 minutes.

Затмение Луны и противостояние Марса. Где и когда

A lunar Eclipse on July 27, in Ukraine

To observe the Eclipse of the moon is better outside the city, away from the light of the city lights. Unlike a solar Eclipse, “blood moon” is completely safe to watch.

On 27 July, will happen as a partial or total lunar Eclipse. A partial Eclipse will be preceded by a complete and will begin at 22.30. And after the total Eclipse (which will last 1 hour and 43 minutes) will again be partial. The total duration of the astronomical phenomena will be 3 hours and 55 minutes.

The entire Eclipse can be seen in almost all parts of Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Central Asia and Australia.

During the Eclipse on July 27, the Moon will look smaller than normal, because the orbit of our satellite is not quite round.


The great opposition of Mars

In the night from 27 to 28 July will be another extremely rare event that the connection of the moon and Mars. At the same time, in the extremely rare occurrence of Mars on the day of the Eclipse will pass a point of the great opposition with the Sun. This phenomenon also can be observed with the naked eye in an open area.

The moon is so deeply immersed in the Earth’s shadow, its brightness will be several times less than that of Mars. Both celestial bodies will have a reddish tint.

Затмение Луны и противостояние Марса. Где и когда

The blood Moon and the great opposition of Mars: how to find the sky

At the closest distance to Earth, Mars will approach 31 July to 57.6 million kilometers. It is about 150 times the distance between Earth and the Moon.

In a telescope with a magnification of 75 times, you can see Mars in the same scale as the moon.

Scientists say that in the 21st century convergence of those rare astronomical event will not happen again.

Also at the end of July will host a summer stargazing. Outside the city in one hour you will see about 25 shooting stars.


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