Editor-in-chief Stranaya released from prison

Главред Страна.ua вышел из СИЗО

Guzhva made bail

Igor Guzhva was released on bail.

Editor-in-chief Stranyi Igor Guzhva was released from jail. Immediately after he answered the questions of journalists, reports Strenia.

We will remind, earlier it was reported that the Guzhva remains in jail after making bail.

According to Guzhva, the authorities are preparing two more criminal cases. One is personally against it, and against the second edition of the online newspaper.

He also stressed that he would continue the fight to prove the absurdity of the charges against him.

“The public should know what is behind all these provocations against our newsroom,” said Igor Guzhva.

He also said that during a search in the editorial office of the Internet newspaper, the police took all the passports.

“The fact that I have all my passports seized during the RAID, which carried out the so-called police our editorial” – added Guzhva.

On the question of whether they are officially withdrawn, he replied, “They specified in the Protocol, Yes.”

According to Guzhva, in the judgment of the arrest reported that the journalist is banned from leaving the country, to leave Kiev.

“For me, it really is not a problem except that I had planned to go to his parents in Slavyansk just this weekend, but will look further what to do,” said Guzhva.

We will remind, on June 22 of the Igor Guzhva was detained on suspicion of extortion. On 24 June the court chose the measure of restraint in form of arrest for a period of two months with the alternative collateral in the amount of 544 thousand UAH. June 26 for Guzhva made bail.

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