EDRCoin: the project is growing on the background of devaluation of national currencies

EDRCoin: проект, растущий на фоне обесценивания национальных валют

The news channels of the world media is full of negativity in relation to national currencies: the Euro fell against the dollar on the background of events in Europe, the Russian ruble is falling and the devaluation of the Ukrainian hryvnia has broken all “records”. The prices for products and industrial products are constantly rising, against the background of extremely low wages inevitably leads to a lowering of the standard of living of the population. What should we do, is there a way out and where to find it? How to protect your finances? If the national currency is getting cheaper – how to keep your savings?

In search of a solution many of us are interested in the situation on the financial market, where recent years are gaining momentum the digital currency. The history of the creation and incredible rise of the cryptocurrency Bitcoin has led to the emergence of many new electronic money, which began to use this code promoted a software project.

In its basic mass of “altcoins” nothing, however, among them there are new promising projects, which are based on open source code, operating on the principle of “Blockchain”. Cryptocurrencies that use this technology use a huge degree of trust pokazyvaut stable growth rate some over the past year increased by more than 1200%!

Cryptocurrencies based on the Blockchain – an incredible number, but only a few deserve attention. We will talk about a new cryptocurrency that not only is the complete opposite of clones of Bitcoin and solves the problem of protection of Finance from depreciation, but also offers excellent opportunities for earnings.

EDRСoin – modern decentralized cryptocurrency, the design of which took into account all the “weaknesses” of existing digital money. So EDRСoin is the most strong competitor for existing cryptocurrency, and the leader of Bitcoin.

EDRCoin: проект, растущий на фоне обесценивания национальных валют



In addition, the project EDRСoin used advanced method of system protection from outside hacker attacks, hacking or theft is a method of Proof-of-Stake (PoS). PoS has an incredible energy efficiency: if Bitcoin needs powerful computers that burn gigawatts of energy, EDRcoin users can easily conduct their transactions on any device, including tablets or smartphones! Several solar power plants located in different parts of the world, completely cover the energy required for the stable operation of the system EDRCoin.

What are the conditions for earning the project offers EDRCoin? During the first two years of the project, each participant receives passive income in the amount of 10% per month of the amount of personal investment.

Mining process will be completed by 31 December 2017, and the final number of coins depends on the activity of holders of the cryptocurrency EDRCoin.

In addition to passive income, each participant may earn additional to existing programmes. All details are on the website https://edrcoin.com/russian/
With an incredibly high energy efficiency, the project EDRCoin is an active participant in environmental programs – 7% of all funds of the system shall be transferred to a special Fund from which financed two of the eco-project: development of new solar power plants and restoration of forests in Asia.

Become a member of the project EDRCoin, participate in environmental programs and safely invest in your future!

EDRCoin: проект, растущий на фоне обесценивания национальных валют



The website

Download wallet here

Media photo kit https://yadi.sk/d/soe_CKsxmbh3M/coins04

The source code of the cryptocurrency EDRCoin: https://github.com/EDRCoin/EDRcoin-src

The blockchain: http://api.blockchain.mn:3001/richlist.

If you prefer to work with plugins in browsers, it offers:

EDRCoin plugin for Chrome browser: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/edrcoin-modern-decentralized/

EDRCoin plugin for Firefox: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/edrcoin/

Exchange trading EDRCoin: C-Cex.com, yobit.net, exrates.me, alcurex.org

Exchange EDRCoin: nexl.me