Einstein’s letter was sold at auction for $134 thousand

Письмо Эйнштейна продали на аукционе за $134 тысячи

In the United States sold letters Einstein

In the letter, the genius told about the destructive “madness of Hitler.” With the hammer went another two letters from the hands of Einstein.

In Los Angeles at the auction sold the letter, the brilliant scientist albert Einstein about the “madness of Hitler.” It is reported by CNN.

Letter in which Einstein talks about ruined life and sweeping Germany, “Hitler’s madness”, sold for 134 thousand dollars. There was a total of 23 applications.

Also went under the hammer two academic letters written from 1921 to 1939. One of them is addressed to the specialist, oncologist Maurice Lenz in new York. Einstein thanked the doctor for his work benefiting the Jewish refugees during the Second world war.

Письмо Эйнштейна продали на аукционе за $134 тысячи

Photo: edition.cnn

Another letter addressed to the sister of the scientist Maya Winteler-Einstein. In it, physicist says he needs to immediately go to Munich, but won’t do so as not to endanger his life. Just went up for sale eight letters of Einstein.

Previously Einstein’s letter on religion went under the hammer. It was also reported that in Serbia found two letters to Nikola Tesla.

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