EK introduces import duty on steel

ЕК вводит импортные пошлины на сталь

This step in EC explained by the need to prevent the negative effects of the US imposed tariffs

Protective tariffs of the EU are designed to protect European producers from an influx of staleliteynaya products from Russia and other countries.

The European Commission adopts measures to protect European manufacturers from the effects of high protective duties on products of steel, entered the United States, according to the website of the organization.

From July 19 to effect the same duties of the European Union aimed at curbing the influx of EU steel products from Russia, China and several other countries who are forced to redirect their exports from the U.S. to other markets, to avoid major losses from American duties.

Under the protective measures in the EU fall within the 23 categories of products. As soon as their exports to the EU will exceed the average for the past three years, shipments in excess of these quotas will be subject to duty in the amount of 2%.

These measures have little impact on the U.S., which exported very little steel in the EU, but can have a serious impact on exporters such as Brazil, China, Russia, South Korea, Taiwan and Turkey.

Earlier it was reported that the canadian authorities intend to impose duties on steel imports from China and some other countries.

Source: Russian service of DW


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