Elections in mykolayivka: safety Deposit box, “Bulgarian” and aunts

Выборы в Николаевке: сейф, "болгарка" и титушки

The safe had to open with a angle grinder

The head of ricomincio had had to crack safes to gain access to the documents.

The head of the Slavic district electoral Commission Roman Senovo after the disappearance of the Secretary of the Commission together with the keys of the safes, in the presence of police, observers, representatives of parties and candidates in the deputies, had grinder to open the safe with the documents.

“From the safe, we took those fake protocols of the Commission, where there is no room and print, which today are absolutely illegal meetings of precinct election commissions. These “papers” that try to pass off the decision of the district Commission, neither the rooms nor the press, they are not properly executed – this indicates a direct attempt to falsify the electoral process. All this we will fix in law enforcement, and will seek to bring to justice all involved in this persons” – said Zenov.

He also announced that tomorrow’s scheduled meeting of the Slavic district Commission, which will hold an open draw and will form the legal precinct election commissions for elections in Nikolaevka.

Later, at a meeting of the Commission were men with very “tituses” appearance, calling themselves “journalists”, and began to break open doors, to arrange provocations, preventing the work of the district electoral Commission. To the place called the police – they collect explanatory notes and make up protocols on violation of public order on District election Commission.

We will remind, earlier the head of the electoral Commission in Slavyansk said about the impostors on the land.