Electronics store Samsung opened in TSUM

Магазин электроники Samsung открылся в ЦУМ

Another high-profile opening of shops in Kiev! The company Protoria opened a General store on the 5th floor of the main Department store of the country.

In brandsome a wide range of branded equipment and original accessories: smartphones, tablets, TVs, Smart TV, fitness bracelets, camera 360 and VR glasses for immersion in virtual reality, wrist smart watch (for example, the last novelty of the company – Gear S3), as well as other devices and gadgets.

In anticipation of the holidays, the store carries a very attractive promotion:
– when buying smartphones Galaxy S7 and S7 edge, you will receive a free virtual reality headset (the Gear VR)!
– when buying a smartphone A series, as a gift – super stylish and high-quality wireless headphones Level U.

Магазин электроники Samsung открылся в ЦУМ



Prices in Central Metropolitan store are the same as in the entire network. Treat
yourself, your family and friends in New year’s eve, technique on any “taste and color”, and within any budget phones available at prices from 2800 UAH. tablets — from 5000 UAH. accessories – from 100 UAH.

Grand opening of Samsung brandshop took place in the online broadcast on Facebook. This is the first opening of the store in real time in the Internet. More than 1,200 people watched the event from their device at a distance. In the same way to prizes.

Shop around for the guests are equipped with a special area where everyone can immerse themselves in the world of virtual reality (VR-zone). Also had a play area is available Samsung Curved Monitor – the triptych of monitors with curved screens that show the whole picture, also creating the impression of augmented reality. Monitors with curved screen – the dream of any gamer.

Магазин электроники Samsung открылся в ЦУМ