Elektromototsikl for the first time conquered the highest point of Ukraine

Электромотоцикл впервые покорил высшую точку Украины

30 September the first ascent to the Hoverla mountain has implemented a motorcycle with a fully electric engine.

The first motorcycle to have conquered the highest peak of Ukraine was the model of electric bike Light Bee company Sur-ron. Rise to a height of 2061 meters above the sea level took place with the temperature drop from +18 to -4 degrees Celsius.

The historic ascent to the mountain on the motorcycle made a team of four people — employees of the company “Citrus”, which includes:

  • Raul Esmeralda-Rico — head of electric network of shops “Citrus”
  • Ruslan Samovars — run
  • Gozhiy Vladislav — brand Manager
  • Alex Yarovenko — product Manager


It is noteworthy that the head of the expedition — Raul Esmeralda-Rico underwent a difficult operation on his feet, after which have got metal implants, not prevented it to carry climbing.

“Elon Musk launched Tesla into space, and the Citrus bike to the top of the mountain,” commented the ascent of Raul Esmeralda-Rico — head of electric vehicle in Citrus. — “Single battery charge the bike enough to get to the top of the mountain and back. At the back of the lift of the battery of the motorcycle left 36% charge. We wanted to show that the level of development of personal electric transportation has reached such heights that the man on the motorcycle is able to conquer the top of the mountain, which not everyone is able to walk. We always test all kinds of electric vehicle, but this lift was a real challenge for us, clearly demonstrating that to overcome the rise in 2061 meters on ecobike is a reality. After conquering the mountain does not remain places where could not be reached by motorcycle”.

It is the Citrus opened for Ukrainians worldwide trend — the growing popularity of personal vehicles with electric motors. And the last three years consistently engaged in promotion of electric transport in Ukraine.

His example showing the capabilities of modern vehicles with electric motors and opening new horizons for their use.

Inspiring rise on Goverlu was another milestone in the history of development of electric transport in Ukraine. He argues that elektrobayka have long outgrown the stage of economical and manoeuvrable transport for the city. And now can become the reliable companion for everyone who is ready to challenge the adventure and go where no one has gone before.

Today, thanks to the Citrus in Ukraine available all kinds of personal electric vehicle, developed in the world — from groboto to off-road motorcycles, capable of lifting to a height of 2000 meters above sea level and back on a single battery charge.

Team Citrus is in constant search of promising new gadgets and emerging segments of the rapidly growing market of technology and electronics. This is a close-knit team of enthusiasts, always ready to open a world of amazing technology and share their discoveries and achievements with everyone.


About Citrus

“Citrus” — a national network of shops of gadgets and innovative technology, founded in 2000, Today the Citrus is a leading online store and a network of 50 stores operating in the unique for Ukraine format of innovative entertainment centers with open access to products, interactive areas of virtual reality, electric vehicle, smart home devices. The citrus develops its own network of authorized service centers and rentals of electric vehicles, as well as unparalleled educational spaces “, Zahab”and “Citrus Academy”in the flagship stores.