Elena Kostevich was the best athlete of September in Ukraine

Елена Костевич стала лучшей спортсменкой сентября в Украине

Elena Kostevich

Between the two world Champions of the NOC of Ukraine expressed a preference for more experienced athlete.

Sports September was generous for the successful performance of our athletes in the international arena.

Pleased with its brilliant achievements in the Olympic kinds of programs at the world Championships: judo Daria Beloded and George Zantaraya, arrows Elena Kostevich and Oleg Omelchuk. Pleasant moments of pride sports Ukraine had and during the achievements of Ukrainians in the European Championships.

Expert Commission of the NOC was a difficult choice and after a detailed analysis the title of the best athletes Sep got world champion in shooting Elena Kostevich, which at the world championship in Korea received 2 medals. The Olympic champion of the individual “gold” and “bronze” paired with Oleg Omelchuk in shooting from a pneumatic pistol on a distance of 10 meters.

In fact, the choice was between Kostevich and the youngest world champion in judo Daria Beloded.

Add that to Elena Kostevich this is the fifth highest recognition of the NOC. The title of the best athletes she received in may 2011, in February and October 2012-March 2017.

Earlier results of the world championship in shooting for iSport.ua summed up the President of Federation of shooting of Ukraine Oleg Volkov.

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