Elena Yalova: I suggest you get up in the morning with the words – “today is your best day”

Елена Яловая: Я советую вставать утром со словами – "сегодня твой самый лучший день"

The success of most people depend on properly structured time-management. Each day has 24 hours, whether it be bill gates or employee of a small company.

It is not the number of hours and the effectiveness of their use. The art of time management must each learn not only in business sphere but also the sphere of everyday life. This skill, in the end, creates self-discipline and strength of character. Personally, I still study it every day.

Your day I start early at 6am. These hour and a half I could devote to sports and self-education. I suggest you get up in the morning with the words – “today is your best day”. Psychologists have proven that our personal attitude has a huge impact on our lives. So start your day with a smile and, of course, sports. Sport gives You energy for the whole day.

I, in childhood and in youth, was very far from sport. The last 10 years I lived in constant war with myself and persuaded myself to love sports. Last year I run in the mornings, if I about it someone said a few years ago – I wouldn’t believe that I will be able to run more than 100 meters without shortness of breath. Now, in any weather, on fresh air I run 5-7 miles, and I know that soon I will achieve my goal and overcome the level of 10 kilometers. As for me, running is the sport that does not allow to justify himself and the reason why you don’t work out. There are a number of motivational training that I’m pushing, for example, sacramental phrase Yitzhak Pintosevich – “I know you can,” helps me to overcome my laziness and it’s easier to run the distance.

These same busy people like me, moving to the gym is too great a luxury. So you need to choose those sports that are always at hand. Its a gym membership I used to do things together with the kidsthat I taught to the sport since childhood. Unfortunately, the fact that all the time, in today’s world very little time. But trying and need need to set goals.

I’m between meetings with an hour and a half a day to devote to the self-study

After sports I will begin an active morning. Family reunion for classes, work, study.

Елена Яловая: Я советую вставать утром со словами – "сегодня твой самый лучший день"



A large part of the meetings, I appointed no earlier than 9:30-10 am, because I try it a couple of hours to give to children. Each of them at least 15 minutes of individual attention. This is the time when we can discuss important topics. Finally, while we are talking. But in addition to the collective’s attention, and everyone wants personal attention. Daughter wants me to help her to get ready for school, braided pigtails, the eldest son wants that I saw the things he learned to do.

Weekly I conduct an meeting with all the key departments like in your floral business and other. This is the commercial Department, procurement division, Internet marketing. We sum up this past week and our plans for the future.

I also try between appointments, about an hour and a half a day to dedicate to self-study, reading books, onlineкурсам. I think you need to read at least one book a week, and often I do behind the wheel, listening to the audio version. Very fond of psychology and today I’m thinking about getting an education in this field. Now I study English, digital marketing and public speaking. In the afternoon, I schedule meetings with partners. Sometimes, you come home, and the children are asleep, but try not to stay too long at work because I want to give them and my husband even a little bit of time.

Year of study in Switzerland – we sometimes get up with the dawn and ended after midnight.

I wanted to follow in their footsteps and become a lawyer, but often in law and prosecutorial practice that deal with the conscience that I could not go. So he entered the faculty of Economics, UNIV. And after graduating I studied a year in Switzerland (hospitality – ed.) and PG (postgraduate, ed.), where the whole educational process is connected with the work. Sometimes we get up with the dawn and ended after midnight. It was very difficult, but now,after all this time, I’m sure for me it was a good and necessary school life. And I think that’s the only way people can get a profession and we in Ukraine.

When my husband said that he plans to marry 25 – I said that these 3 years will go abroad to study. He next day made me an offer

When my opinion, even the future husband was 22, in the conversation he said that he plans to marry 25. I said, OK, then I’ll go somewhere else to learn. He next day made me an offer. Now we are raising three wonderful children. We have eleven-year-old daughter and two sons (6 and 2 years).

Daughter is a creative person and while she likes to sing, dance, play piano, and I don’t get hung up on the fact that she went in my footsteps: he was engaged in management, marketing, Finance and the Sciences, which for me was closer. If she will be able to realize himself as a singer, actress or Director is fine. But while I demand she studied compulsory science, which are necessary for modern life, and at least helped to think logically.

Our son, we are all from infancy was referred to as President, he was a special boy, serious and with a very strong character, I’m sure he has a great future. Now we spend a lot of time as all educational subjects and sports, bringing up his character, developing logic, creative thinking and emotional intelligence. And the youngest exhibits curiosity and openness to the world.

I always encourage the initiatives of their children in all Sciences and art, I believe that investment in education and in himself the most appropriate strategy… so my kids are the most expensive investment projects (laughs). I believe that each of them will be great and always tell them that they are the best, as parents are required to inspire confidence and admire your children! The most anxious and stressful situation for me is their exams and performances, I am extremely proud of their children, and today are doing everything so that in 20 years they could also say that I am proud of me! Developing, earning – I set the example, they know it, they understand that making money requires a lot of effort, they only argue how they will build their career. I deeply respect those women who choose to devote themselves to motherhood, but I’ve always wanted to realize themselves in business and I feel fine now, combining family and work.

Directions in business, it can be 5… if you’re a good Manager, and you can pick a good team

The company Ukraflora I came in 25 years and not from the head. Here was my gradual development, where I thoroughly studied. My first working day was 3 months until 8 March, and we had no buyers and there was no one to buy flowers. I created this Department to work on a flower stock exchange in Holland, and she’s opens at 5 a.m. our time, but I understood – if not me, then who? Then I can use all the knowledge and experience. Today I’m in charge of Ukraflora and we have more than 150 employees, we are the leaders on the Ukrainian legal market floral. Unfortunately, a large part of gray flower market and it is our competitors. This low pricing policy of many flower stalls, because their product is substandard, there are no norms of a temperature mode of storage plants, the owner often at all it does not watch. In Ukraflora we carefully select the product and control all stages from transportation to storage. Now, in the eve of March 8 (5 through 8), Ukraflora working around the clock as stir crazy: buy wholesalers and people who want to give their favorite flowers to impress with beauty and taste. We have a product for big fish, small businesses, and separately, each for every taste and budget. I created the brand “Bouquet”, where we are florists which of colors, a variety of plant materials (leaves, twigs, berries) and artificial elements create a masterpiece. We select the creative artists of the highest class, who work selflessly in order to give everyone an opportunity to get in touch with nature, at home, in the office or on vacation! We are also engaged in Internet sales and delivery. Many believe that it is enough to invest 500 dollars and make a website on a ready platform, so I want to disappoint, everything is very difficult. The cost of Internet sales is sometimes more than the offline point and you need to spend money on CRM to take on the job of IT specialists and professionals to promote. Those who invest in building sales via the Internet will be the first on the market in the future.

Ukrainians have become more demanding of the services provided and you need to understand that the choice we make today, not just in terms of a necessary product or service, we carried out emotionally, we can say the choice of the heart! Therefore, it is important to give not just quality, it is important to give and to create emotion! Now boom is not just for the brands, now the trend is to the individual that produce their brand! Today, if you’re a restaurant owner, you will not entice the visitor only a nice kitchen, because you need to create comfort, you need to be able to compete, starting with signs, shop Windows and internal interiors. For several years many companies build marketing strategies on social networks. So, interesting surroundings is a necessary component to my instagram and FB. Today we have purchased the largest network – Epicenter Silpo, Fozzy group, and major customers ogisaka McDonald’s, Volkonskii, Forbes magazine, holding 1+1 media, etc. But in addition to large customers profitable to work with us and small business, for example, stalls that operate legally also buy from us.

The goal is to open the “tablet of the eternal youth and beauty” also is in the plans…

Besides the flower business, I became the investor of the clinic of reproductive medicine ICSIClinic. This clinic with extensive experience, she more than 20 years.In 97-m to year here for the first time used the method of ICSI and was born a healthy girl. The doctors, the doctors today are innovators in the field of reproductive medicine and beyond. The clinic has implemented its own set of unique developments, which are still no repeated.

I was a patient of the clinic, watched the pregnancy. My family, friends and acquaintances left here with the words I’m pregnant, I saw in their eyes the joy that words cannot Express, so I know for sure that this is the clinic that I recommend to everyone. This is one of the few clinics that has a guaranteed program. I wanted to engage in some new directions, but not just a business but wanted more to fulfill a social function. Being a mother of three children I understand how important it is for women to have a child, and in the world of statistics is now more than 10% of childless couples and this percentage is growing. And the clinic make children! (laughs).The chief doctor Alexander Darius offered me a partnership. Despite the fact that they had a great experience, from the point of view of medicine, they never promoted themselves in the market, and the competition has become so tough, and sometimes unfair, that many clinics, which appeared after our own, through advertising, has had greater success, despite the fact that professionally they are from us, far behind. Now I like the partner clinics lead the direction of PR and marketing.

Sure, we will be leaders not only in Ukraine, but world leaders in reproductive medicine and genetic research. Plans to build an innovative clinic with a full range of services: reproduction, genetics, maternity unit, high-quality Pediatrics and to develop the direction of eschatologie. It is believed that all who will live until 2050, then you will be able to choose how much you want to live, so the goal is to open the “tablet of the eternal youth and beauty” also is in the plans…

Unfortunately, over the past 10 years, have decreased the credibility of the medicine in Ukraine in General, but I can confidently say there are areas such as reproduction, dentistry and implantology, plastic surgery, cosmetology, services, materials and skills of doctors are even on a higher level than in Western hospitals. In our clinic a lot of requests from patients from all over the world, and this is the sector which is to raise, develop and maintain including at the state level.


A couple of years ago it was hard for me to make comments to people who are older than me by 10 years, but at this stage I coped with it and sometimes come to me for advice people much older.

Without false modesty to say that both my business successful. Sometimes I hear the question – “how are you doing, because you’re young and you’re a girl?”. That woman something somehow slighted just because she’s a woman is a social delusion. When you’re a Pro already at the first meeting it is clear – the quality of the business win. With regard to age and relationship with subordinates – a couple of years ago it was hard for me to make comments to people who are older than me by 10 years. But at this stage I handled it in the correct form. I am pleased now when people come over to ask advice and this is the level of confidence in me. I don’t like the leaders, tyrants, I don’t understand their behavior and do not accept methods, it all depends on the task. Why yell at a subordinate? If the task is to humiliate him – then it’s not a business but a question to the therapist. And if the slave does not work without screaming – it’s questionable employee. Of course, emotions at work, too, there are quite often because the path to the goal without difficulties is not possible, and tyranny will only worsen the problem.

   Business may be 3, 4, 5 if you’re a good Manager know how to properly build a system, choose a good team or good business partnersthat participate in the project and conduct its operations. The only question is, what are you investing or when entering any business needs it most thoroughly to learn, to understand all its strengths and weaknesses, to understand its market positioning and to generate the desired goal. And then you can work from the perspective that you have to be present 24/7. But you live all the time with the business. If you’re sleeping and you got the car at customs – you have to stand up and solve this problem, no weekends or holidays, you can’t turn off the phone, but you can remotely control some processes. To delegate properly is a characteristic of a successful businessman. And so, gradually, we come to the fact that the management team is generating ideas and monitoring their implementation. This cannot be achieved in one day since it is painstaking, long process, but we are on the right track.

Today, in anticipation of the holiday, I wish all the women of self-realization in all spheres. Let each be the best version of myself every day!