Eliminates Durov Messenger Telegram. What are we talking about

Дуров ликвидирует Telegram Messenger. О чем речь

Elimination of Telegram Messenger LLP

Banned in Russia, the company excluded from the register of legal entities. the Official reasons are not known.

Telegram founder Pavel Durov has filed a petition to wind up the company Telegram Messenger LLP. The work of the messenger is not affected, but it will not be affected and may be associated with the launch of cryptocurrency. Корреспондент.net tells details.


Elimination of Telegram Messenger LLP

Durov filed a petition to wind up the company Telegram Messenger LLP on December 19 last year, follows from materials of the British state register of legal entities, which drew the attention of RBK January 10.

The statement contains a request to terminate the registration of Telegram Messenger LLP and to exclude the company from the register of legal entities in the UK.

Дуров ликвидирует Telegram Messenger. О чем речь



Telegram Messenger LLP was established in February 2014 by the companies Dogged Labs Ltd and Telegraph Inc.

In July 2017 in Russia it is made in the register of the organizers of disseminating information that should provide the FSB data for deciphering the correspondence of the users. In addition, the register must store the data about the correspondence on the territory of Russia.

In October 2017, the messenger was fined 800 thousand rubles for refusing to give the keys to decrypt it. In April 2018 Telegram began to block in Russia by court decision. The lawsuit was filed by Roskomnadzor, Respondent was provided Telegram Messenger LLP.

Telegram in court trying to prove that the orders of the FSB is illegal. In addition, Durov has repeatedly stated about the technical impossibility of providing the key for decoding messages. In the secret service claim that the keys to decode the messages, messengers do not fall under protected by the Constitution, privacy of correspondence.

On LLP was the Telegram X app for iOS and desktop app for Telegram for Windows Phone. Publisher apps Telegram for iOS Telegram LLC is and for Android Telegram FZ-LLC.

Facebook in the queue. Russia blocks Google

Furthermore, Pavel Durov and his brother Nikolai was owned in the British virgin Islands companies Telegram Group Inc. and TON Issuer Inc. This was discussed in the documents that they filed in the framework of the ICO to launch blockchain-platform Telegram Open Network. The owners were able to attract $ 1.7 billion from unnamed investors.


Cryptocurrency or cancel lock?

18 Dec informed bi-Bi-si said that in 2019, the Roskomnadzor is planning to introduce a new technology against illicit sites and services, including Telegram and spend up to 20 billion rubles.

Until now, the Telegram lock failed – the audience of the messenger in Russia is not only not decrease, but even increased and reached a record high 3.4 million people a day. At the same time, because of the actions of Roskomnadzor suffered other non-proscribed company Viber, Twitter and even Classmates.

Suffered everything except Telegram. Network about blocking

According to the newspaper, the new system based on the technology of DPI – deep packet analysis. For the work of service providers need to connect to your network special device that can analyze all traffic, subscribers and allocate specific packages.

Unlike blocking IP due to DPI power in theory able to block individual websites and services without harming other resources.

However, according to experts interviewed by RBC, the liquidation of the legal entity listed in the lawsuit, Roskomnadzor, will not affect the position of the messenger Telegram in Russia.

Among the probable causes drastic changes in business structure Durov or the withdrawal of Britain from the European Union. In addition, experts see a connection with the development of cryptocurrency.

According to the investment Memorandum, the TON developers had planned to launch the platform until the end of 2019, otherwise they will be forced to return funds to the investors, invested in the framework of the ICO, the newspaper notes.


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