Elon musk accused of anti-scientific and ineffective

Илона Маска обвинили в антинаучности и неэффективности

Top Manager of Uber considers the principles of organization of work at the enterprises of the Mask is “wildly outdated.”

A well-known businessman and CEO of Tesla Elon Musk has been criticized by the top Manager of Uber Arianna Huffington. Woman accuses Mask to use outdated methods of work.

About this businessman said on his Twitter page, where he published his response.

On the eve of the Huffington wrote an open letter accusing the outdated, unscientific and inefficient method of using human energy for their companies.

Ford & Tesla are the only 2 American car companies to avoid bankruptcy. I just got home from the factory. You think this is an option. It is not.

— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) August 19, 2018

To which the businessman replied that Ford and Tesla not only bankrupt the American company on manufacture of cars. The post also says: “I just returned home from the factory. You think I have a choice. But this is not so.”

Previously Elon Musk talked about how incredibly tired at work, and he can go days not leaving the factory. He even his birthday spent at work.

Earlier, the shareholders, Tesla has filed a lawsuit against Elon musk is Also the Correspondent wrote that the spacecraft Dragon Mask-2 showed no skin

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