Emerson: I Think Morata will stay at Juventus

Эмерсон: Думаю Мората останется в Ювентусе


Former Brazilian midfielder who plays in his time for Juventus and real Madrid advises striker Alvaro Morata ostavat

Morata has spent the last two seasons in Juventus, but as you know in real life have the right of redemption Spanish striker for 30 million euros.

“I told Morata to think twice before to leave Juventus and return to the real world,” said former Brazilian footballer Emerson Tuttosport.

Madrid – a team which wants to play every player. At the time, I lived that dream and it was realized. So, I know the environment in the Madrid club, and how hard it is to play.”

“This team and the Spanish League in General is very different Italy from the point of view of the mentality that brought me some difficulties at the first stage in the Real world”.

“That’s why I say, Morath thought a few times, and carefully consider the situation. Yes, the real one of the strongest clubs in the world, but in See a totally different atmosphere.”

“In Madrid, if you don’t score for two games, right away you can be on the bench. In the Real world at Morata is unlikely to be the same trust as in See,” concluded the Brazilian.

Emerson played for Juventus from 2004 to 2006. In the Real world, the Brazilian has played just one season 2006/07.

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