Emissions in the Crimea. The situation on the Peninsula and the mainland

Выброс в Крыму. Ситуация на полуострове и материке

In the Kherson region complain of feeling unwell

Ukraine closed border crossings, the border guards complain of feeling unwell, and in the Crimea are waiting for a repetition.

Ecological disaster in the Crimea reflected to the mainland Ukraine in Kherson region to talk about problems while breathing and rust on metal surfaces.

Ukrainian authorities temporarily closed the border crossing points admingranitse in the Crimea, and the farmers on the Peninsula are complaining that their crops have suffered because of emissions in Armyansk. Корреспондент.net tells details.


The situation in Kherson region and the Crimea adminpraise

6 Sep in some localities of Kherson region, the local administration decided to suspend teaching in schools and kindergartens.

Also on this day, the authorities closed the checkpoints Kalanchak and Chaplynka admingranitse in the Crimea in order to “preserve the life and health of the personnel of the state border service and citizens.”

Cross admingranitsu with Crimea is possible only through the checkpoint Chongar a hundred kilometers to the East from the Armenian. The guards will continue to serve, but the admission of citizens and transport “is carried out only in emergency cases.”

At the same time Ukrainian citizens wishing to leave the territory of Crimea, are ignored by the simplified procedure. Checkpoints promise to return to normal mode in a day or two.

The Ministry of health of Ukraine of September 6, said that the level of harmful substances in the Kherson region is not exceeded, the health of children and adults out of danger.

However, on 7 September it became known about the hospitalization of five employees of the state border service of Ukraine. Just with complaints to feeling sick – nausea, sore throat and a rash – the doctors, turned 41 border guard, reported the press-Secretary of Department Oleg Slobodyan.

On 8 September, the press service of Kherson regional state administration reported that in meduchrezhdeniy turned 23 resident Chaplinka and Kalanchak districts with health complaints, among them ten children.

Ukraine plans to distribute leaflets to residents of the Northern regions of the Crimea and the South of the Kherson region with advice on how to avoid the impacts of emissions from the Crimean Titan.

It is recommended to stay in the premises or evacuate area. Vegetables and fruits is recommended to wash with a weak two per cent soap-soda solution.

Ukrainian authorities say that the emissions from the Crimea do not pose a threat, however, to prevent evacuated about two thousand people in Skadovsk.

On 10 September, the Ministry temporarily occupied territories reported that the specialists every 20 minutes, check the air in the Kherson region on the content of harmful substances. The analysis revealed no threats.


Crimean Chernobyl

On the night of 24 August in Armyansk on the Crimean Titan plant there was a release of harmful chemical substances sulfur dioxide into the air. Residents began to complain of rashes, fever and sore throat.

Metal objects, including houses, covered like rust an oily coating, and the plants turned yellow and dropped leaves.

The evacuation began only on September 4 and the Russian authorities insist that threats to health there. Two days later, took the decision to evacuate from Armyansk people with disabilities, seniors and pregnant women. The remaining residents handed out gauze masks.

For the day of 25 th of Armyansk have taken more than four thousand children in the city almost does not remain pupils and kindergartners. Their two weeks were sent to health resorts on the Black sea coast. The following Armyansk can leave children under three and their mothers, and pregnant women.

Crimea Titan, which became the center of ecological catastrophe, stopped only 9 of September. Controlled by Russia, the Arbitration court of the Crimea confirmed the requirement of Rosprirodnadzor on the aim to contribute a plant to the Russian budget 736,8 million (300 million hryvnias) fee for the dumping of waste in kislotostabilen company.

However, according to media reports, the most affected village of Perekop, which is in close proximity to the plant.

“Before the eyes of a picture from a movie about post-Apocalypse: the trees are missing leaves, grass rusty color. The air smells like someone was constantly burning matches. Mouth quickly there is a metallic taste, and on his lips the bitterness,” writes Kommersant.

The inhabitants of Perekop told the newspaper that many local children were taken from the village two weeks ago on their own: all who could, have left to stay with relatives. The village is almost empty, leaving only men and the elderly.

The Russian head of Crimea Sergei Aksyonov warned that the release of chemical substances in the North of Crimea could be repeated if the region will return to heat.

Authorities have advised residents not to stay outdoors and use only bottled water for cooking, only boiled meat, and broth to drain.

“We rubbed that health risks no and the maximum that may be from the emission of a sore and burning throat, coughing and breathing difficulties. Only people get sick, there are symptoms of poisoning. Drugs or not, or expensive, so today [September 7] we discovered their efforts, the help point, which will brought all the necessary masks and anti-Allergy drugs,” said Medusa, a resident of Armyansk Daria Gorkunova.


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