Ended operation “Border-2016” Detained more than 320 illegal migrants, – Slobodyan

Завершилась операция "Граница-2016": Задержали более 320 незаконных мигрантов, - Слободян

The assistant head of the state border guard service Oleh Slobodian

Ended boundary the operation “Boundary-2016”, during this time, arrested at least 320 illegal migrants and prevent the movement across the state border of 1200 potential migrants. The results of operations, told the assistant to the head of frontier service Oleg Slobodyan.

“Finished border operation “Border-2016″, which the gpsu conducted jointly with other law enforcement agencies and a number of interested ministries and departments”, – said Slobodyan.

According to him, in the framework of joint actions have increased the threats of illegal cross-border movement of illegal migrants, excise goods, smuggling of drugs and weapons.

“For the period from April 2016 delayed more than 320 illegal migrants, 1700 violators of the state border, about 4 thousand violators of the border regime. Across the state border have not missed more than 1,200 potential illegal migrants”, – said the assistant head of the state border guard service Oleg Slobodyan.

He added that during this same time, found and seized more than 4,000 tons of alcohol, more than 2,5 thousand packs of cigarettes, 70 kg of drugs, 280 weapons, about 4 thousand units of ammunition and 315 kg of amber.

We will remind, UKRAINE announced the launch of the special frontier operation “Rubezh-2016” in April of this year, it attracted representatives of law enforcement agencies of neighbouring countries.