English for kids – the best step in the successful future of Your child

Английский для детей – лучший шаг в успешное будущее Вашего ребенка

In the modern world the English language has closely into our daily life: movies, books, foreign Internet-resources, negotiations with partners and communication with friends from other countries.

In the 21st century begin to learn English from childhood. Tutors, learning centers, educational cartoons and books. The possibilities are many. But what really works and gives good result?

We went to the Methodist international network of training centers Helen Doron English – a world leader in the field of “English for kids”, who told us about the benefits of learning English from an early age and told interesting facts about “Helen Doron English”.

Dr. Neil Harvey* found that children who start to learn English from infancy, and ahead of their peers. They retain their love of learning, curiosity, interest and ability to acquire knowledge in a more adult.

*the famous American pediatrician, a specialist in child development

Английский для детей – лучший шаг в успешное будущее Вашего ребенка



Learning English from an early age gives children a lot of advantages:

  • bilingual children are smarter and more receptive to other Sciences and disciplines
  • the development of memory and the ability to quickly process information
  • the possibility to learn their native language, through a better understanding of the linguistic structures (e.g., the skills of reading, writing and speaking)
  • children who already know two languages, it is much easier to learn other foreign languages
  • English children become more confident and happy!


1. To date, 3 million students have learned English using the techniques of the linguist Helen Doron and own it at the level of the second language. They not only speak but think in English.

2. Helen Doron English is a global network that includes more than 900 training centers for children in 36 countries of the world.

3. More than 4,000 certified teachers to teach English for children by the author’s method. All of them have passed the international qualification and can teach in any English language school network of Helen Doron English.

4. The company has successful experience of working with children for over 30 years and is a leader in the field of “English for children and teenagers” all over the world.

5. Educational group the Helen Doron English has developed a special curriculum for children from 3 months in addition to language learning, develop:

– speech (training speech apparatus)

hearing (through music classes)

– small and large motor skills (all programs are filled with numerous activities and educational games).

At an early age, a child can learn any number of languages, if you will hear them regularly and systematically. That’s why we recommend you to start learning English from an early age.

Английский для детей – лучший шаг в успешное будущее Вашего ребенка



1. Using innovative multimedia development Educational Group the Helen Doron students anywhere at a convenient time for them to deepen their knowledge of the English language. For children of different ages the company has developed a series of mobile applications, educational games portal and the world’s only educational radio station TeenBuzz

2. To teach English to children better in small groups up to 8 people. Therefore, the teacher has the opportunity to give each child sufficient attention, but at the same time, children can communicate, share experiences and knowledge.

3. And most importantly – training bring the fun! All classes in the training centers Helen Doron English are held in the form of a game. In the classroom every 5 minutes there is a change of activity, lots of conversation, music, active games, make use of all the senses, logical thinking. Training materials precisely designed to achieve maximum results.

We invite children from 3 months to 18 years in one of the 70 training centers “English Helen Doron” in 28 cities of Ukraine. Sign up for a demonstration, and in my own experience make sure of the effectiveness of the Helen Doron English methodology.