Entered into force new rules of retirement

Вступили в силу новые правила выхода на пенсию

Ukrainians start to raise the seniority

In Ukraine start to raise the seniority of 35 years.

From January 1, entered into force changing the rules of retirement. Changes introduced in the pension reform.

So, increases from 15 to 25 years minimum insurance experience, who need to have the Ukrainians to qualify for pension payments. Over the next ten years, the requirements of the insurance seniority will continue to rise by one point every year until 2028 requires a minimal length will not reach 35 years.

Given the fact that the reform provides for raising the retirement age, the entitled retirement will now have men and women who have reached respectively 60 and 58,5 years (under the previous pension reform of 2011, the retirement age for women by 2021 will also rise to 60 years) who have at least 25 years of insurance experience.

At the same time, the reform provides the opportunity to purchase pensionable service in the case of a shortage. In one year you will have to pay around 17 thousand hryvnia ($600).

It is thus provided that in 2018 people who will have insurance period of 15 to 25 years, will be eligible to retire after reaching the age of 63 years. From 2019 the opportunity to retire will also appear in people who will have the experience of 15 to 16 years, however, they are entitled to pension payments only in case of reaching 65 years of age.

Those people who will not have necessary minimum of insurance, the state will pay after reaching 63 years of social assistance are smaller than the minimum pension.

We will remind, the Cabinet of Ministers would develop a mechanism to increase pensions to people with more seniority, but because of the economic situation in a lifetime receiving low wages.