Entrance exam in a foreign language is made compulsory

Вступительный экзамен по иностранному языку сделают обязательным

Applicants will be obliged to know a foreign language

The deputies made a number of changes in the legislation on higher education. Among the innovations is a compulsory exam in a foreign language for admission to the University.

The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine in first reading adopted a bill that will require all applicants to take the exam in a foreign language for admission to the University. The corresponding decision on Tuesday, November 12, was supported by 311 MPs.

So, people’s deputies supported the draft law on amendments to some legislative acts for improvement of educational activities in higher education. The document is aimed at improving access to education for residents of the occupied territory, the introduction of a motivation letter for admission, including achievements at international competitions, increasing the importance of creative competitions in the competitive points, and to establish a mandatory unified entrance exam in a foreign language.

In addition, the use of EIT in respect of the graduates of schools and technical schools with diplomas of Junior specialist, and on the first (bachelor) level (educational-qualification level specialist) for admission in their universities.

In addition, it is proposed to carry out the Unified state qualifying exam for recipients of degrees at bachelor and master levels of higher education.

Earlier it was reported that Ukraine has developed the concept of English language development in universities. Also civil servants of category A are obliged to speak a foreign language. To assess the competence of officials will launch a new center for evaluation at the national Agency of the public service.

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