Envy. Lutsenko called the main problem of Ukrainians

Зависть. Луценко назвал главную проблему украинцев

The biggest problem Ukrainians Lutsenko said “toad”

The biggest problem of the country is the envy of other people success, according to the attorney General. Because of this, people don’t want to talk about your successes.

Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko called the main problem of Ukrainian corruption and envy of successful people. This idea he expressed at the meeting of the regional development Council Monday, November 12 in Kiev, Ukrainian Pravda wrote.

“The last problem in our country – maybe even the biggest — I believe the toad, a huge Ukrainian Taroko, which crushed the millions. And I’m not kidding,” said Lutsenko.

“I think the biggest problem of the country, now rising in its development, is the envy of other people success. I actually don’t know a single person in the country – I’m not talking about politicians – not a single athlete, no journalist, no writer, no leader in any sphere, which is applauded for its success and try to be even more successful,” he added.

According to Lutsenko, “everyone who is successful in our country subjected to such stigma that no one wants to talk about their successes”.

“The country is changing, but not glorify those who change it and those who spit and curse. I think this is a big problem …” – said the Prosecutor General.

Note that while Lutsenko was speaking at a meeting of the Council for regional development under the GPU held a rally demanding his resignation.


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