Epic fail from one of the best referees in the world

Эпик фейл от одного из лучших рефери мира

The Cuneyt Cakir

Turkish referee Cuneyt Cakir, judging in 2015 the final of the Champions League, was appointed, perhaps one of the strangest penalty in the history of football.

On Sunday in the Turkish Superleague have passed matches of the next round. Not done it without scandal. It would seem that the modest match between caykur Rizespor and participant of the Europa League Osmanlica few people may be interested in the space, however, the game appeared on the pages of all European Newspapers.

Thanks for this is one of the most elite arbitrators of our time – Cuneyt Cakir. What did the referee, otherwise Eclipse can not be named. In one of episodes the goalkeeper Zydrunas Osmanlilar Karcemarskas reflected shock his head in the performance of the player caykur Rizespor. After this has been put in gates Lithuanian goalkeeper from the penalty spot.

Explained the decision Cakir…. game hand. One he spotted (except the goalkeeper) is still not clear, Fortunately, justice prevailed and the penalty was scored. Moreover, in the 91st minute of Play put a penalty already in gate caykur Rizespor, which decided the outcome of the match is 1:0 in favor of Osmanlilar.

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