Epic finish rider made him a hero Youtube

Эпический финиш велогонщика сделал его героем Youtube

Sam Rosenholtz at the finish missed opponents and fell on the pavement immediately after finishing the race.

American race Grand Prix Beverly ended with an epic finish that is on Youtube per day through hundreds of thousands of people.

Race leader Sam Rosenholtz too early believed in a victory, throwing off his hands for a few meters before I crossed the finish line. This advantage of the opponents, being able to work around it.

But this trouble for Rosenholz not ended immediately after the finish he fell a few meters and drove on the pavement.


Epic finish to race P12 @gpbeverly #gpbeverly WOW!!!

The publication of Mad Alchemy Official (@madalchemy) Jul 26 2017 at 5:00 PDT

Earlier iSport.ua wrote that the Polish cyclist showed horrific photos of their tired legs.

According to the materials: