Erdogan fell asleep. The visit of Turkish President to Poroshenko

Эрдоган уснул. Визит президента Турции к Порошенко

Ukrainian and Turkish leaders spoke three hours, but not all the results of the negotiations were made public.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan visited Kiev on 9 October, where he met with his Ukrainian counterpart Petro Poroshenko.

Negotiations Poroshenko and Erdogan’s tete-a-tete lasted nearly three hours, instead of 45 minutes.

After the meeting of presidents held a meeting in an expanded format – the sixth meeting of the Strategic Council of high level between Ukraine and Turkey.

The leaders discussed issues of bilateral cooperation, the annexation of Crimea, the situation in the Donbass and other issues.

However, at a joint press conference was an embarrassment, Erdogan took a NAP on the words Poroshenko about Russian aggression.

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The Annexation Of The Crimea

Erdogan noted the support of Ukrainian authorities, Crimean Tatars, and assured that Turkey will continue to support this issue on the international agenda.

The Turkish leader also said that Ankara will not change its position on the territorial integrity of Ukraine.

“We have not recognized and do not recognize the illegal annexation of the Crimea”, – said Erdogan.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan stressed that the problem can be solved only based on international law and noted the importance of the steps in the diplomatic and legal field.

Poroshenko, in turn, said that Ukraine counts on Turkey as part of the international group for the de-occupation of Crimea.

“Unfortunately, despite all the peace initiatives, efforts, including within the Normandy format, the aggression of Russia against Ukraine continues, as well as the occupation of Ukrainian Crimea. Together with President Erdogan, we noted the inadmissibility of the situation in the sphere of human rights in Crimea, which is constantly deteriorating due to the repressive actions of the occupying power,” he said.

The Ukrainian President also noted that the negotiations stressed that the Russian attempt to legalize the occupation in this or that way is doomed to failure.

The OSCE and the peacekeepers in the Donbass

Poroshenko after talks said that Ukraine is interested in increasing representation of Turkey to the OSCE monitoring mission in the Donbas and relies on the support of Ankara in the deployment of the UN peacekeeping mission in Eastern Ukraine.

“We are grateful for the very clear and well-organized work of the Special monitoring mission, headed by the representative of Turkey”, – said Poroshenko, opening the sixth meeting of the Strategic Council of high level between Ukraine and Turkey.

The President noted that the talks with Erdogan discussed the issue of UN peacekeepers.

In turn, Erdogan said that Turkey’s desire is to see the conflict in the East of Ukraine as soon as possible ended. He noted that Turkey supports the Minsk process.

Trade and cooperation

Poroshenko and Erdogan signed a bilateral agreement on investment protection. The Ukrainian leader said that the changes that were made to the agreement on the avoidance of double taxation, will give additional impetus to the bilateral interaction.

During the meeting of the Strategic Council of parties also signed an action Plan for the development of bilateral relations between Ukraine and Turkey in 2017-2019.

According to Erdogan, the trade turnover between Turkey and Ukraine should be raised to $ 10 billion per year.

Also, contracts were signed between Ukrainian and Turkish companies in the defense sector.

Эрдоган уснул. Визит президента Турции к Порошенко

Erdoğan and Poroshenko in Kiev / EPA

In addition, a Memorandum was signed on cooperation between the Diplomatic Academy of Ukraine under the MFA and the Diplomatic Academy of the Turkish Republic about the readiness of the two institutions to promote cooperation in education, exchange of scientific experience and the development of training programs.

Poroshenko noted the high dynamics of political dialogue between Ukraine and Turkey and the expansion of sectoral contacts over the past year, “including in such sensitive areas as defence, national security, law enforcement activities”.

“We are pleased with the cooperation in the defense industry, aviation, space,” – said the Ukrainian President.

Later it became known that Turkey in 2018, will put Ukraine on a communication system – a contract signed with a Turkish manufacturer of communication Aselsan.

“Signed a contract for 43 million 635 thousand dollars for the supply of communication systems between Aselsan and resident client in Ukraine,” according to Anadolu.


Sleep at the conference

Meeting Poroshenko and Erdogan has not done without incidents – during a joint press conference following the meeting of the Strategic Council of high level Turkish President went to sleep.

A leaked video shows how during Poroshenko’s speech, the Turkish leader yawns, closes his eyes and falls asleep. Once again, when Erdogan started to fall asleep, Poroshenko struck the table, apparently, seeing as colleagues.

The previous meeting of heads of Turkey and Ukraine took place not so long ago – September 21, erdoğan and Poroshenko met on the 72th session of the UN General Assembly.

Then the President of Ukraine and the head of Turkey expressed the desire to work together to make efforts to deepen the strategic partnership between Kyiv and Ankara.

In the administration Poroshenko following the meeting on September 21 it was explained that the Turkish side has indicated its intention to continue to support Ukraine in the issue of restoration of sovereignty and territorial integrity of the country “both in bilateral and multilateral dimensions”.