Error in payment: the Ministry of social policy told what to do

Ошибки в платежках: в Минсоцполитики рассказали, что делать

Ukrainians warned of possible inaccuracies in the payment

Some people in the payment for Oct can by mistake do not accrue benefits. The Cabinet was told where to go.

In the payment for utilities for technical reasons, there may be cases of nancilee individuals the amount of the benefit in October 2019. On Tuesday, November 12, the press service of the Ministry of social policy.

In this case, the Agency is advised to contact the authority of social protection at the place of residence, and the benefit amount for October will be assessed in November.

It is noted that errors can arise due to a new mechanism of benefit accrual for housing services, which entered into force on 1 October 2019.

The Ministry of social policy has reminded that since November, 2019, the Ukrainians will receive the bills for utility services with the full payment amount without taking into account privileges and subsidies. Now the benefit is provided in cash by the bodies of social protection of the population.

Earlier, the Cabinet was told about the test for granting subsidies. For verification, you must submit only two documents. The rest of the information it collects on social protection of the population.

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