ESA has launched a satellite to study the winds

ESA запустило спутник для изучения ветров

The launch of the “researcher of the winds”

The main objective of the unit is to monitor the earth‘s winds, for meteorological purposes.

The European space Agency successfully sent into space the first satellite to study wind. The launch took place in the night of Thursday, August 23, at the Kourou spaceport in French Guiana.

The device is called ADM-Aeolus. His only task is to study the winds in the stratosphere of the Earth.

The satellite placed on the orbit of the planet at an altitude of 320 km, where it is 120 times per hour to scan the figures of the winds.

The satellite is equipped with a revolutionary laser technology that will help him for at least three years to conduct global monitoring of the winds.

In orbit, the camera will move at a speed greater than 7 km/s.

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