EU Ambassador: Corruption in Ukraine is worse than war

Посол ЕС: Коррупция в Украине страшнее войны

The EU continues to help Ukraine

Potential investors are afraid of corruption in the country more than military action.

The European Union Ambassador to Ukraine Hugues Mingarelli said that corruption in Ukraine worried about potential investors, even more than war. He said this during a meeting with students of Lviv national University.Ivan Franko, reports the local edition of Your Misto.

“Some people turn your fantasy world into the ATM. Mostly it is because of corruption. Therefore, we dedicate much of our time, energy and resources, sharing our experience of overcoming corruption with your power,” he said.

Mingarelli said that Ukraine has considerable resources in order to quickly become a modern open society, based on effective social market economy. But there are several barriers, chief of which is “difficult neighbor in the East.”

“As a result – you have a war, which has a huge negative impact on society and the economy. Therefore, the primary goal of the EU to help you protect the independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity of your country”, – said the EU Ambassador.

As reported Корреспондент.netPetro Poroshenko signed amendments to the law “On combating corruption”, according to which the members of the anti-corruption public organizations are required to submit an electronic Declaration.

This provoked criticism in the US, EU, Canada and Britain. At the American Embassy said that this law is a “serious step backwards” for Ukraine.

In the end, the United States ceased cooperation with the NACP. This decision was made by the largest U.S. donor – the U.S. Agency for international development (USAID).

Europe will lend Ukraine 600 million Euro