EU Ambassador to Ukraine: Several people make your country ATM

Посол ЕС в Украине: Несколько людей превращают вашу страну в банкомат

EU Ambassador to Ukraine Hugh Mingarelli

Speaking today at the Lviv national University, Hugues Mingarelli praised Ukraine for potential and criticized for corruption. About it reports “Your city”.

Mingarelli said that Ukraine has considerable natural and human resources that gives all the possibilities quickly become a modern and open society based on an efficient social market economy.

But it is not silent about our inner turmoil:

“Some people turn your fantasy world into the ATM. To a large extent is because of corruption. Therefore, we dedicate much of our time, energy and resources, sharing our experience of overcoming corruption with your power.”

According to Mingarelli, level of education, proficiency in IT technologies and languages in Ukraine are the envy of Western Europe.

We will remind, Hugues Mingarelli, a French diplomat of Italian descent – is the head of the EU delegation to Ukraine from 29 August 2016

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