EU homeopathy officially declared nonsense

В ЕС гомеопатию официально объявили нонсенсом

A statement released by scientists from the European Union.

Scientists from the European Union, officially called the homeopathy nonsense and said that the treatment of homeopathic products is dangerous to health. According to the joint statement of scientists, homeopathic remedies can harm to patients who need treatment.

According to scientists, homeopathic medicines prevent them to take these medications and undermine confidence in the medical community.

The report was prepared by the organization EASAC, which unites the Academy of Sciences from 29 countries of Europe. Scientists from the organization want to make this statement to the regulatory authorities of EU, which may affect the struggle with homeopathy.

In addition EASAC recommends that the EU governments to introduce regulations to stop false claims and advertising messages homeopaths.

Scientists want the EU to stop funding homeopathic remedies from state medical programs and require clearly indicate on the labels of homeopathic medicines composition of active ingredients and their dosage.

Earlier, Australian scientists said that homeopathy is absolutely useless.