EU – Kiev: Run anti-corruption reforms

ЕС – Киеву: Выполните антикоррупционные реформы

In the EU is considered necessary to ensure the independence of the bodies responsible for combating corruption – NABOO, NACP and SAP

The Ukrainian authorities have provided new recommendations, the implementation of which will test in two years.

In the Group of States against corruption of the Council of Europe (GRECO) say that, for Ukraine, it is time to implement promising reforms in the sphere of fight against corruption, and gave Kyiv a new recommendation.

This is stated in a new report, released on Tuesday, UNIAN reports.

In particular, GRECO urges the Ukrainian authorities to carry out anti-corruption reforms after the revolution of dignity and achieved effective results.

“GRECO cautions about delays and shortcomings and calls for support for reforms strong political will for their effective implementation. Experts stress that an urgent task is the resolution of major cases regarding corruption and overcoming impunity,” the report said.

In GRECO considered necessary to ensure the independence and effectiveness of newly established bodies to combat corruption NABOO, NACP and SAP.

“GRECO is particularly concerned about recent actions aimed at reducing the powers of NABU, despite the serious outcome of the investigations. Important remain flexible collaboration and communication between specialized anti-corruption institutions”, – stated in the message.

However, in GRECO asked to increase efforts aimed at increasing transparency in the legislation, including regulation of lobbying and the issue of conflict of interest.

“GRECO also urged Parliament to strengthen anti-corruption measures in its ranks: the immune system can not be equated to impunity for those who may be investigated and prosecuted for corruption offenses”, – the report says.

Furthermore, GRECO welcomes the new legal framework for the judiciary and prosecution services. However, the organization believes that it is necessary to introduce additional safeguards to strengthen their independence and avoid undue influence because of their assignments”, career and daily work.”

“In addition, more needs to be done to enhance the professionalism, integrity and accountability of judges and prosecutors”, – noted in the organization.

GRECO will assess the implementation of the recommendations in 2019.

As reported Корреспондент.netpreviously Ukraine topped the rating of corrupt countries, according to the audit company Ernst & Young.

And in the anti-corruption movement Transparency International said that in Ukraine the atmosphere of impunity in relation to corruption.