EU prepares duties on steel from Ukraine and Russia

ЕС готовит пошлины на сталь из Украины и России

The Ukrainian steel can impose duties on the EU

The restrictions may relate to producers of hot-rolled steel products from five countries.

The European Union is considering imposing anti-dumping duties in the amount of up to 33% on hot-rolled steel from Ukraine, Russia, Brazil and Iran. The EU believes that the price of products from these countries unreasonably low, writes Reuters.

The EU authorities have already applied more than 40 anti-dumping action to help local steel producers, but they are directed mainly against China. So, in June, was imposed the duty of 35.9% on Chinese steel products, which caused a sharp reaction from Beijing.

The EU believes that the new fees will help to reduce the pressure on imports and increase the income for European producers of steel.

It is reported that the European Commission has launched an investigation into prices for rolled steel from Brazil, Iran, Russia, Ukraine, and Serbia after a complaint from the steel Association Eurofer.

Investigation showed that hot-rolled steel from all countries, except Serbia, grew to 12.6% of the EU market this year in mid-2016 from 7.5% in 2013. The prices fell by a quarter.

As reported Корреспондент.netearlier in June, Egypt has imposed temporary tariffs on rebar producers from Ukraine, Turkey and China. Duty for Ukraine amounted to 15-27%.

Recall, Ukraine fell out of the top 10 steel producers in the world and occupies the 14th place in the ranking of 67 countries.

The EU abolished the 18-year-old duty on Ukrainian steel ropes