#Eugeniana. What else was stated by the head of the Ministry of culture

#ЕвгеникаНищука. Что еще заявлял глава Минкульта

Yevhen Nyshchuk has repeatedly talked about the “cleansing” of Eastern Ukraine.

The reasoning of the Minister of culture Eugene Nischuk about genetics in the East of Ukraine has caused such a strong resonance in the society that he had to apologize at a press conference, though, according to him, the scandal hyped by the Russian media, snatching words out of context.

Whatever it was, but Nischuk said about the “gap of consciousness” in the Eastern and southern areas, because living there can not perceive Ukrainian culture due to the lack of corresponding genes.

“There (Ukrainian – ed.), genetics, it is deliberately introduced (regions – ed.). Cherkassy, the glorious Hetman and Shevchenko’s land. The city of Cherkasy half imported. Why? Because he was afraid of the Shevchenko of the spirit. It was the technology of the Soviet Union”, – said the Minister.

He later stated that the word “genetics” he broke “emotions” and in fact is “adequate, tolerant” people, and to attribute racism to him is not necessary.

At the briefing, Yevhen Nyshchuk said that meant “completely different”, but the debate about it doesn’t want and the reasons for his resignation sees.

Корреспондент.net understood, whether Yevhen Nyshchuk “emotions” talking about genetics, poorly choosing words, or similar statements he has made.


Purification Of The Southeast

In August 2014, in an interview for the Sake of Freedom Evgeny nisoc said that in the East and South of Ukraine now there is a cleansing.

“We are, it’s cruel, perhaps a cleansing in the East, in the South of the country. We have a war, ravaged both physically and in all respects to entire regions and then they will need to fill out, but not just the people who build the building…” – said Nyshchuk.

In addition, the cleansing of the East Nyshchuk said in an interview to the Public in may 2014, whose theme was the celebration of Victory Day.

“The situation in the East, however cruel may sound, it cleans. Many began to understand this cynical game at the fraternal peoples, the elder brother, that we are United. We must be United, but in very different relationship… We adopts the flour, but then there is new life and there will be a resurrection,” – said Nyshchuk.


Inadequate laity

In 2016, InterWeb channel 5 Nyshchuk, commenting on the Procession, said that among the believers was really inadequate people.

He also said that he was sorry spent resources to ensure security of the procession.


Dividing a country gay parades

In an interview with channel 5 for 29 June Yevhen Nyshchuk to the question about the necessity of gay pride parades replied that they were embarrassing him.

“As Eugene I could tell fairly quickly and straightforward, but as a person occupying the position of head of the Ministry of culture, of course I have to follow the European approach to this issue: tolerance, with understanding,” – said the Minister.

He noted that “some provocative” nature of gay pride parades makes him uncomfortable, noting that in Europe, this too carefree attitude.

“I don’t want to get someone somewhere, as they say…” – said Nyshchuk and once again he was interrupted leading.

He supported the leading word that gay pride parades divided society as the country goes to war.

And called organizers, who want to “fundamentally and a lot of bright” to hold gay pride parades, to refrain from provocations.


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