“Eurobroker” twice in one day broke through the border

"Евробляхер" дважды за день прорвал границу

The man was detained

During the second break, the man was hit by a barrier and damaged the car on the means for a compulsory stop of cars.

In the Transcarpathian region vinnichanin “EuroBLECH” broke through the border after he repeatedly denied the opportunity to import a car. On Saturday, March 16, the press center of the State border service.

The incident occurred the night before. The border guards have twice detained the man who tried to import “EuroBLECH” through the crossing point Uzhgorod. In particular, after he received a card of failure for the violations, the man, instead of returning to Slovakia at speed headed in the direction of Uzhgorod. Border guards detained him and fined.

However, after a few hours he tried to repeat the maneuver. After receiving another card failure, he pretended that unfolds in the direction of Slovakia, however, changed direction and at high speed went in the direction of Uzhgorod. On leaving the checkpoint, he was hit by the rear gate and damaged cars on the means for forced stop. The offender was detained in Uzhgorod district, was taken to the police and the car seized.



For the grace period, customs cleared 220 thousand “EuroBLECH”

Earlier it was reported that in Slovakia, stolen Ukrainian “cemetery EuroBLECH”.

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