Europa League: decided all pairs of the 1/4 finals

Лига Европы: определились все пары 1/4 финала

In Nyon held the draw for the decisive part of the tournament.

Friday, March 15th, in Nyon, Switzerland hosted the draw for the 1/4 finals of the Europa League.

The draw was completely open – seeded and asiany teams and clubs from the same national Association could be in one pair.

The lot amounted to the following couples:

Napoli (Italy) – Arsenal (England)
Villarreal (Spain) – Valencia (Spain)
Benfica (Portugal) – Dortmund (Germany)
Slavia (Czech Republic) – Chelsea (England)

The team, which is designated in the first pair, will play the first quarterfinal match at home. But because of the inability to play one day match in London, Arsenal with Napoli’s first match will play at home.

The first matches of quarterfinals of the Champions League will be held on April 11 and return April 18.

Also immediately after the draw for the 1/4 finals was held the draw for the 1/2 finals:

Napoli (Italy) Arsenal (England) vs Villarreal (Spain)/Valencia (Spain)
Slavia (Czech Republic)/Chelsea (England) – Benfica (Portugal)/Eintracht Frankfurt (Germany)

In the final, the nominal owner will be the team of the four – Slavia – Chelsea – Benfica – Eintracht Frankfurt.

On the eve reported that the Director of UEFA “merged” in the network of the draw for the quarter-finals of the Champions League.

Review the results of the draw for the 1/4 finals of the Champions League.

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