Europe in question bezveza just kidding themselves and Ukraine

Европа в вопросе безвиза просто обманывает себя и Украину

MEP Petras, Austrevicius in the air “112 Ukraine”,29.11.16

All this playing around visa-free regime with Ukraine was bureaucratic way. There was a struggle between the institutions: Parliament, Council, Commission. She’s still not over. But then in this game already joined political interests, political interests of national countries. As far as I know, France remains an unresolved issue. A country that is now in the pre-election period. All parties fear that in some sense, the issue of visa-free regime with Ukraine could influence the results of elections in France, so now there is this factor. For me this is enough to say that Europe is just kidding themselves and Ukraine. It operates in the most negative way, it’s not holding the course criteria, i.e., what has been done, I have to admit, it creates new obstacles, and this, in my opinion, creates more political uncertainty in the country. Ukraine needs stability, Ukraine needs to be a clear European path, and we propose, but do not give.

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After France, there will be elections in Germany, then in other countries. I for that to solve everything in a very short time, but the answers in the Council of Europe. Mr Tusk needs to speak with the leaders of countries, must provide sufficient evidence and arguments. I hope that in Parliament, we will be United and unified on this issue, although this is difficult, there are those who begin to speculate on such political circumstances.

Although, if you ask my colleagues from different countries, you will hear different answers. But it’s just an attempt to hide behind Ukraine and expose it as something that we can’t overcome. I am in favour of the leadership of Ukraine said in a clear voice, the demands of Ukraine is fully justified, that Europe has not done his homework. Need bilateral multilateral diplomacy now especially develop.

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After meeting the first persons of Ukraine and the EU, Mr Tusk said, but it was “Azovskiy” language. He regretted that he could not offer a final paper, but said nothing, what will happen in the future. So it’s the worst when people say go, but do not say the direction. I think this is a political hoax, and this uncertainty will hit Europe itself. If we define our relationship with our neighbors, it will come to us back home.

Европа в вопросе безвиза просто обманывает себя и Украину
Европа в вопросе безвиза просто обманывает себя и Украину

Европа в вопросе безвиза просто обманывает себя и Украину

Petras, Austrevicius

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